How do I get rid of a client?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by hippy chick, Jun 9, 2012.

  1. hippy chick
    I know this is a random question, and I should appreciate all clients that come my way but I have a client that REALLY gets my back up.. Im a very easy going person and not many people make me feel this way but I'm trying to think of ideas of how to get rid of her..

    Reasons why:

    ::She INSISTS on bringing her 2 yr old child with her and I have told her that I can't have kids in the salon as its no place to be... THEN, this week she brings BOTH her kids as they're off school and "my childminder let me down".

    ::About 15 yrs ago she did an acrylic nail course and although she never did practice being a therapist, she's like "aw, dont you do this, dont you do that..I always did this etc, etc.."

    ::The last twice she insisted on removing 2 of her extensions and replacing because "Your infil price includes replacing up to 2 nails", even though they didnt need it.

    ::Asks if I could just "pop and bit of my nail polish on quickly"...with no charge i hasten to add!

    OK, so how would you handle this, iv done nails for 9 yrs and have a full client base and am usually full 2 weeks ahead, its not like Im desperate for clients, and I defo dont want clients that cause me grief.. Sorry if it sounds like Im moaning!!

    Any advice grateful.

  2. jujojones
    I would just keep telling her that you have no appointments!!
  3. Blinkingorgeous
    Iv sacked clients before, mainly because they were perpetually late and often wanted additional treatments when I had no time (due to lateness) this upset me and I was becoming increasingly stroppy with the client, therefore it wasnt fair to her or to me.

    I sent her a text explaining due to her specific needs of times and dates I was unable to help her any more and gave her the number of an alternative lash tech lol.

    The end to this story is that 5 months later I got a text asking if I would take her back as she wasnt happy where she was going, I did take her back, her lashes were horrific, she has never been late since and we have a very happy working relationship.

    I do appreciate that a client is a client and as such we should appreciate them all, however if you arent able to give your client your best work, because they are upsetting you or angering you, it is best for both of you to let her go :lol:

    I would definately not accept children in the salon, infact I go as far as saying Im not insured if the children are in there.

    Its really hard to lose a client, but maybe a text to say that you are, unfortunately, having to cut back on working hours and are unable to help her in the future and give her the number of an alternative tech??

    Sorry, dont think thats much help, just didnt want you to think you were alone in how you feel xx
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  4. hippy chick
    I thought about that but she always books her next appointment before she leaves.
  5. hippy chick
    Thanks, i do feel very ungrateful saying the things i do but I get really anxious when i know shes due to turn up.. I think the insurance ting is the way forward maybe..

    Thanks again x
  6. Blinkingorgeous

    If shes starting to make you feel anxious I would definately find a way to let her down nicely.

    I would say you have checked with your insurance and it specifies that you are not allowed children under the age of .....say 12 in the salon and as you know she has her children often with her you thought you had better let her know.

    She could then come back when she has got sitters for her children so you also need to have a plausible excuse for not booking any more appointments, maybe someone else will come up with something.

    Dont feel bad, we cant get on with all our clients, but our clients do deserve our best and if we cant give it to them then it is for their benefit that they, or we find it for them , find an alternative therapist.

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  7. Susandoeshair
    Over the 35 years I've been in this business I've only had to fire a few clients. I usually go with the "I'm sorry, I don't have any openings that week, would you like the number of someone else I know?"if it doesn't work the first time, it usually does the next time.
    Once though, I literally told a lady to hit the road. She was rude, and the list of annoying things she said/did is too long to list. She skipped one week, and I just figured she was going to be out of town. When she came in the next week, she asked how I liked her new cut and color? When she to.d me she had gone to her previous stylist because she didn't trust me to do it right, I just said, " we'll, then you don't trust me to do your blow dry either, please leave. She really thought I would be ok with that! Booted her butt right out. Felt goooooood, too!
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  8. cath4512
    I dont allow children under 12 in my salon & last week a client came with her 3 year old, so I said I couldnt treat her & asked her to give me a call & book at a time when she had a childminder. I wasnt rude, but was firm about it.

    If you let one in with children, it could start a trend.
  9. dandelionpoppy
    I've only got 2 years salon experience, and haven't had these problems, but I do have decades of experience dealing with the public, so:

    She probably won't take hints. You will have to speak plainly.

    Identify which is the worst/most irritating thing she does.

    If, for example, it's the children, perhaps you could make eye contact with her when she books her appointment and say,in a friendly but firm way "Now that isn't the school or childminder's holiday, is it? Because I'm afraid- as you know- I am absolutely not allowed to have children in the salon."
    Keep the eye contact up until she confirms she will not bring the children. Then repeat her confirmation back to her.

    Once that rule is firmly in place, move on to the next (eg, It will be an extra £X for "popping"your colour on.)

    Hope all goes well!
  10. dandelionpoppy
    Oops, sorry - just seen this was in nails section, but I guess the problem could be universal.
  11. lila22
    She sounds a nightmare!! I would go with the advice about insurance off others but if you don't think she will take notice you may just have to be blunt and say I don't feel comfortable with yr kids here and feel maybe you could do a better job yourself so won't be booking you in with myself but if you did feel you need to see a nail tech I can give you details of one!
    Life is too short and she must be on yr mind so get rid! Good luck x x
  12. honeymummy
    Christ how rude and direspectful is she to you!!!

    She has blatantly ignored your requests for no children in the salon, she undermines you as a nail tech to your face.

    simply tell her, next time when she makes another appointment is " It is time for you to find another salon, I cannot take anymore appointments for you now or in the future" Then walk to the front door, open it for her, and goodbye.

    I sacked a client a few weeks ago, who was always cancelling on me at the last minute, she was very draining and had a black aura around her and i would dread it when she came in as you never knew what type of mood shell be in.!

    Good luck with her, and let us know how you get on:lol:
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  13. hippy chick
    Thanks everyone, Im glad I wasn't just sounding like I was complaining about something that everyone else puts up with.

    I've decided I'm going to text her to say I'm sick on her next appt and to call me to rearrange her appt. Then say I can't fit her in, along with the fact that she needs to come when she has childcare and offer her another nail tech's number.

    I'm sure she wont be happy, but i need to get rid as its been stressing me out.

    Thanks for all your advice, I really appreciate it. xx :hug:
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  14. lila22
    Great idea, if someone stresses you that much you shouldn't have them in yr life hun, if we had a friend like this we would back off so do the same with her! She sounds a nightmare!

    Good luck and keep us updated x x x
  15. neddyteddy
    I once recommended that a client shave as she found waxing sooooo distressing! She was a right PITA, another lady was so rude about my door bell not working, I explained it was 9pm and I had not had time to get out for a new one...she went on and on. I wanted to say knock on the door if no one answers the bell IDIOT...anyway on and on she went then she said now by my next appointment... I said Oh you want another appointment? sorry but you have made me feel terrible and I'm not making you one. She physically had one end of my appointment book trying to get it to write herself in! The client waiting thought it was hysterical!

    I have been in business for 16 years you do gather a few 'loose canons' over the years.

    For you client I would find a salon that is child friends and give her the number...and the sick plan is good if you are not good at confrontation :)
  16. amurphy105
    I am TOO easygoing and mild. When my client showed up with their kids the hairdresser/owner (i rent a room) came back and politely asked if some one is coming to pick up the child, as she can't stay. I loved her for that!

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  17. NailsXpress
    Im like that in the salon I rent a space in. When I hear someone being nasty or rude to the hairdressers, I just go in and say very directly to whoever is causing a problem ..."Right who is it causing a problem here, because we don't allow it in this salon. Whoever it is must leave right now". Then I stand at the door holding it open for them to leave. It works every time. Not that it happens much. I dont put up with nasty people. There is no need for it. Manners dont cost anything but mean everything.
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  18. Wooshka
    Have a look in your local listings and find the closest child care centre, write the number down and give it to her and when you do, say "Here is a number of a child care centre, maybe you could find someone there who moonlights as a nail tech as well as someone who can mind your kids while doing your nails" :lol:.....only kidding:biggrin:

    On a serious note, I would be firm and let her know that your insurance simply will not allow her to bring her children EVER into YOUR salon and because she always brings one or more, you have to ask her to not return.
    You could go even one step further and tell her you have had a complaint where someone rang in to (whoever your governing body is for your beauty industry, if you have one) and they made a report to your insurance company, who contacted you and told you to stop having kids in the salon or else you would face trouble or something to that effect anyway:)
    This will let her know it's a serious problem and it must be dealt with NOW.

    Before giving another techs number to her, I would ask that tech first if it's alright and if not, then just make vague suggestions like "you could always book in at the salon in XYZ plaza or I've heard XYZ salon at such n such place is taking new clients"

    Good luck with this, I'm grateful that so far I have had no trouble clients but I'm sure the day will come eventually.
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  19. Lash N Load
    It's not easy firing your first client, but at the end of the day not all business is good business and you will need to let some people go. You are self employed to enhance your life. If I find myself worrying about a client for a certain number of hours, or they make me feel uneasy then I know it's not worth the £xx. Thankfully it rarely happens.

    So don't feel bad, this day was always going to come. Stay strong, you can do this. But I don't think this is the way to go about it...

    Even though she's a pain in the £@&!, she's still been a paying client and doesn't deserve to be lied to about being ill, messed around by cancelling on her last minute, only to find she can't book in anyway which will make her feel deceived. All this will make you seem unprofessional.

    She comes to you because she's happy with your service. You want to end it with her thinking:

    "Darn, she's brilliant. I don't want to find someone else. What did I do wrong? Wish I'd....."

    Instead of:

    "How unprofessional, she completely messed me around. Don't want to visit her anymore anyway, she's terrible."

    I think it's best to text her today. You have already made your decision, so end this today instead of dragging it out till her next appointment. You will feel so much better for it, promise :)

    Depending how strong you feel, take a deep breath and say:

    "Thank you so much for your custom. Unfortunately, going forward I will no longer be available for your beauty treatments and have cancelled your next appointment. I'm sorry for any inconvenience caused."

    You do not owe her an explanation, but if you really feel you need to give her one then slip a line about the insurance in there.

    And if you're feeling brave enough then this is similar to what I've used before:

    "Thank you for your custom, but going forward I am no longer available for your beauty treatments and have cancelled your next appointment. I feel there should be a certain rappor and level of mutual respect between client and therapist. Unfortunately I do not feel this is present as I had previously stated I cannot accommodate children in my salon."

    I don't give forwarding numbers for troublesome clients as I'd feel bad passing the trouble on. It'll only take her a minute to find a different salon.

    Good luck hun. Sorry for going on. Hope this helps. Deep breath! x
  20. GlamourEyes11

    I think everything Lash N Load has said is spot on and I totally agree! I couldn't have worded it better myself :)
    Good luck and let us know how you get on, it won't be easy, but will be worth it :hug: xxx
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