How do you dispose of your used acetone???

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Helen Keating, Feb 19, 2008.

  1. Helen Keating
    Hi All,

    Was just thinking as Sodabubble ( thank you) has got my green head on now... would love to know how you all dispose of your used acetone..i.e after a soak off..... come on be honest .. am just interested...H x
  2. Kittensgotclaws
    I tip mine onto a paper towel, leave it to dry and throw it out with the rest of the rubbish
  3. oey
    Well - I use the tin foil method so I dont really have any excess used product remover. The cotton pads that are put onto the nail absorb the product remover and are put into a sealed plastic bin bag after each treatment. I do find though that most of the remover product has evaporated once the service has finished.
  4. sodabubble
    I too find it quite volotile (sp?!) so don't have much to dispose of, however no I'm a Brisa geek I don't use much!
  5. nailzoo
    i let it evaporate overnight ... preferably outdoors, then throw away the crispy skin in the bottom of the bowl the next day
  6. bettyboo
    soak up with paper towel, place in small plastic bag, leave outside to dry out, then place in trash.
    Maybe someone could think of another use for it once you have finished using it. Mmmm, i will have to think about this. Maybe if any left over acetone was put into a seperate container then it could be used for something else, paint stripper.... jewelery cleaner..... . Would have to think about this as i most probally would cause more damage than good but a very good point, can we use our leftover products as something else before we discard.?
  7. Trinity
    What he said :biggrin:

    And I also use the foil method so it doesn't happen often
  8. tracey louise
    i also use this method.i found it alot easier than soaking it up in paper towels.
    im sure there is loads more different methods though.x
  9. pippadoodle
    I use the foil method, most of the product remover has evaporated after, but I also put in closed bin and empty at end of day in dustbin (making sure out of heat and sun) our local college had a fire so always very warey!!
  10. mum
    Habia has a Code of Practice that covers acceptable methods.

    What is advised in this will meet local authority requirements. It is downloadable from the Habia website
  11. fiona wallace
    For Scottish Geeks - according to SEPA (Scottish Environmental Protection Agency) - there is absolutely no problem with disposing down the loo.
  12. mum
    The quantity is relevant! Would you want to be the one sitting on the loo when another chemical put down the pipes reacted with the acetone??

    Waste pipes are designed for 'human waste'. Solvents need a different approach
  13. Cathie!
    I have to say that when depositing down the loo with plastic pipes and a **** can cause problems as with putting down the sink plug hole undiluted...

    I prefer to leave mine out in a well ventillated area to evaporate and then bin it....makes your bowl easier to clean too cos it just peels off!
  14. adelekeegan1
    I do this too, only problem is it rains so often here :(
  15. pamliz
    I am very careful with the amount of acetone used for soak offs so dont usually have much left in my soak bowl. I absorb any acetone left with a piece of tissue and throw it out with the rest of my rubbish. I'd be too scared to flush any of it down the loo or sink!!! I just dont like the thought of that...getting all environmental and all that jazz!!!! :lol:
  16. Cathie!
    Plus think of it melting your pipes!
  17. Sassy Hassy
  18. hiba
    I tip it onto a paper towel and through it with the rubbish...:green:

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