How do you keep wax pot clean?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by scattyfox, May 25, 2006.

  1. scattyfox
    how do you all keep your wax pots clean, we ahve just taken the pot out of the unit and all wax has dripped inside and we are ahving a nightmare cleaning it.

    So is there a method for keeping it clean and also do you get crystalisation in your wax if it has been heated too often?

    thanks for your help peeps
  2. PenelopePitstop

    when i get into a mess with my wax pot i just use the cleaner you can get and lint free pads or a cloth, smells really strong and you'll need a window open when you use it, but the wax comes off effortlessly x
  3. * Nail Freak *
    Hi, i use a wax pot cleaner but surgical spirit does a good job to!

    (Warm the pot before you clean it, its much easier)

  4. bombini
    I use Kitchen towel & wax cleaner. I believe that surgical spirit can cause cracks on a wax heater so i wouldn't reccomend it.:)
  5. salmonsa
    Depileve Citri Clean is fab for the job.
    It smells of oranges as well so it's not too whiffy :)
  6. Snugglepuss
    I do this as well but like Nailfreak06 says I warm the pot up first:hug:
  7. Axiom
    While the wax is still warm, you can use a paper or cloth waxing strip with a bit of oil on to remove any drips. Dried on cold wax will need a bit more elbow grease, or surgical spirit (as suggested above) does the trick too, but I'd only use this on the metal inner chamber.
  8. tinkywinky
    wax remover and a cloth, just had to do it my new clean and easy system leaked in the car. I'm having it leaking so I've had to clean it...
  9. crystaltash
    I keep the heater switched on and pour some wax equipment cleaner into the chamber.

    I then throw in a cotton wool pad and let it soak up the liquid. Then I just swirl the pad round the chamber with a wooden spatula, going up the sides and everything until it's clean!

    HTH chick!!

    P.S. - don't have the pot on too hot, cos the liquid cleaner will start to smoke and evaporate as steam and make you cough a lot!!!! Just keep the heater warm!!!!
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  10. Peter Pan
    i warm wax up first (as already said) then use the after wax (the oil) once all the bulk has been taken off works for me hunney
  11. Ruby
    I currently use PHD wax system every evening after work I wipe it over with wax cleaner I did the same when I used the wax pot .
    Its easier if you do it every day.

  12. * Nail Freak *
    Have'nt heard of that before, but thanks for letting me know - (at college that is what we are told to use) i always use a wax cleaner on my own x:hug:
  13. bombini
    Sorry i should have been a bit clearer, as far as im aware its ok to use on the metal container (although i did have an unexplained crack in the middle of mine a few days later) but i have always been taught from college & other waxing training not to use on the exterior of the heater but i suppose this depends on manufactors instructions :)
  14. scattyfox
    well thansk girls we will not let it get like that again we ended up in a right mess tryign to clean it all off and ended up with it all over the kitchen worktops as well lol
  15. huberella
    I have been using the same wax pot for over a year now, and never had to clean it. I use a wax pot collar that catches any stray wax when waxing, so nothing ever gets on the pot.
  16. lynseyloo
    I use collars as well but wax being what it is still likes to make a little mess for me to clean. I clean as already mentioned.

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