How do you remove nicotine stains from fingers?

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by honeymummy, Sep 29, 2007.

  1. honeymummy
    Hi all

    A lovely client of mine smokes roll ups and hates the stains on her fingers, does anyone know a tip how to remove the stains? ( other than giving up smoking|!!):)

    Carrie xx
  2. Bagpuss
    she needs to be exfoliating the skin on her fingers as the smoke clings to dry skin....bit like fake tan.
  3. tweir
    I am a smoker(yes disgusting I know),but I actually find good old lemon juice works a treat and keep the hands moisturised.
  4. Lellipop
    A mix of salt and lemon juice rubbed into the fingers will remove the stains :)
  5. honeymummy
    thanks girls xxx
  6. hippy-chick
    I don't know whether I should tell you my tip!
    It might upset a few people.

    I'll wait for someone to give me permission to put you off a staple food for the rest of your life before I reveal my tip/experience.
  7. _Jooles

    Go on then ..... you have my permission :lol:
  8. melissaq
    come on ! spill it ! ...I don't smoke .....but would love to know in case I get a client like this ...
  9. hippy-chick
    ok then...........................................
  10. hippy-chick
    Well, before I became an holistic therapist, I originally trained as a chef and also a baker.

    When I was doing my work experience in a bakery, I was told that making bread, as in shaping the bread once its been mixed by a machine (as NO bakery makes it from scratch), removed nicotine stains.

    After a shift smokers fingers would be as clean as non-smokers!!!!

    So, has that put you off bread? think about all the bakers in your local bakery, think about picking up your fresh bread in the supermarket, how many of the workers smoke? Have they been handling the bread dough?

    I have NEVER smoked, and it repulses me. And I must admit, if I drive past a restaurant or pub and I see the kitchen staff outside puffing away, I rarely give them my custom.

    So, if you're customers want to get rid, tell them to make up a batch of bread. The packet stuff is fine, as long as they are kneading it and shaping it.
  11. 1999judy
    Oh you mean people touch it with their bare hands....I thought they would wear gloves?
    I feel ill now.
  12. oey
    I know the answer to the easiest way to get rid of nicotine stained fingers - chop em off!
  13. michelle g
    condoms! don't ask lol!
  14. 1999judy

    I don't do offsite smilies etc but I'm very tempted tonight:eek::)
    I'm getting a feeling like vomiting tbh and I don't think I can eat bread ever again.
    Such a shame becuase I like toast occasionally!!
  15. aj1
    A good ole pumice sponge you can buy for under 2 bucks will do wonderfully! I wet the pumice sponge and rub some soap on it and then work it over any stain you need getting rid of, good for feet too!
  16. melissaq

    kinda gross.....actually REALLY GROSS....but I like bread and will continue as I could never stop eating it :rolleyes:....and just hope for the best....
  17. honeymummy
    no!! i cant do her nails then!!:)
  18. oey
    Erm - ok - you could replace them with fingers from rubbers gloves I suppose - or even the beloved fingers from our nail trainers! :lol:
  19. foryouiwill
    oh my, bread is one of my favorite :( Guess I gotta spend an extra hour praying tonight (for my bread tomorrow).
  20. Keanu
    I've seen so many websites asking this! I havn't seen one that gives my method...

    Its.. Strange, but it works!

    ...Ready?... Most simple product to use!..

    Toothpaste. Rub it into the affected areas, leave it for 5-10 minutes (Seems like ages with sticky stuff on your fingers, I know.) then wash off, then scrub your fingers and you should be sorted!


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