How long does it take you to do a manicure?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by persiasalon, Mar 27, 2013.

  1. persiasalon
    Also, for those of you who are experienced in Shellac or gel polishes, how long do those take?

    (Just to clarify, I mean in minutes.)
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  2. persiasalon
    Any help would be really appreciated...
  3. Thiago
    If it helps it take me 5 mins to do my own ones lol
  4. RachelLynch
    Shellac takes me 30 minutes x
  5. Sharry
    Shellac takes me 45min my regular clients like a chat and to feel they have had some quality time lol xx
  6. Sandy2986
    To do a gel manicure 45mins..if i'm removing then 60mins :)

    (I use Gelish)
  7. Redduck
    Shellac with removal takes me 60 minutes which includes a good hand massage - can't quite get the holistic therapist in me to not get involved :)
  8. DivineByDesign
    CND Colour and Effect mani
    File and polish. 15 mins
    File, polish, cuticle work 30 mins

    Application only 45 mins
    Removal and application 1hr (plain colour.
    Removal/application/french/art 1 hr 15 mins to 1hr 30mins, it all depends on how fandangled the art is, the more detailed the longer obviously.

    I don't take breaks so I book all clients in a 1hr 15mins slot. That way if their nails are a particular mess, or they want extra once they arrive (brisa lite/art etc) I can accommodate and they leave happy. If I'm done quicker than that I get to have 10 mins to myself to grab a drink and something to eat. (In reality it rarely happens)

    I decided a while back what is most important to me, quality of service or maximum number of clients, and its quality of service. I am meticulous (I joke with my clients that I'm anally retentive and they say that's why they come to me ;) ) and want every set of nails I do to be the same quality whether it's on the little old lady down the road or Samantha Sweet. My nails are my advertising, and consequently because I am meticulous my clients go up to 4 weeks between appointments and the vast majority who come back to me every 2-3 weeks still have perfect looking shellac, just alot of outgrowth.

    "Shellac" has had some bad press round here due to salons using Bluesky/CCO/CNF etc, but passing it off as CND Shellac, so I feel it's essential to make sure my work and my clients nails are exceptional, as they go on to educate people they know that say those immortal words "I had 'shellac' and is wrecked my nails", when in fact they've had some butcher with a 180 grit file and some junk they've bought off eBay. I get 90% of my business through word of mouth, and that's the way I want it to stay.

    Don't panic about your timings. They do come down naturally. In another year I might post shorter timings for me (but I doubt it ;) )
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  9. StephR
    My timing are the same as yours. Like you I'd rather my clients walk away with perfect nails than it just slapped on like I've seen from some techs/salons in my area.

    I think my timings are ok, I'm happy with them and the fact I don't work everyday yet or back to back means I can take my time. I'm happy, clients are happy so that's all that matters really.
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  10. DivineByDesign
    In agreement totally with you there, I do this because I love it, I don't want to get stressed running people through like a conveyor belt but with substandard work xx
  11. Jigglyb4ll
    I fully agree and that's exactly why our clients love us :lol:
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  12. FlawlessBeauty
    I do cuticles, shape, polish in 30 mins or a full mani including exfoliation and massage in 45 mins, 60 mins if I include paraffin wax.

    My shellac timings are the same. If I'm removing as well, a mini takes 60 mins. I add 15 mins for nail art which is not popular in my salon xx

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  13. moushax37
    I always started out scheduling hour appointments. If someone comes in with nothing on, it usually takes 45 minutes. If I am removing shellac, it always takes the full hour.
    Now that Brisa lite is around, I find that application and removal take a little longer, so I schedule an hour and 15 for those clients, or my regulars that I know are going to get glitter or something a little fancier :)
  14. Mobile Manicure
    Nail polish full manicure = 45 mins
    Gelish = 45 mins
    Gelish including removal = 60 mins
  15. Tan Fairy
    Would you mind telling me what procedure you do when doing a full manicure & shellac? x
  16. FlawlessBeauty
    Of course. I would do a mini first, so i would shape the nails, do the cuticle work and apply the shellac, then carry on, which for me would be exfoliating, removing with a warm steam towel, massage, moisturiser and anti-ageing serum.

    If i'm doing paraffin wax i would do that after applying the shellac as well xx

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