How long for a set of acrylic nails?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by cookiemonster, May 18, 2011.

  1. cookiemonster

    sorry if this has been asked before, but can anyone tell me how long it should take to do the following if you were a professional tech?

    • extensions, acrylic overlay and top coat
    • sculptured nails and top coat
    • file and polish
    • french manicure
    • infill
    • rebalance
    thanx in advance xx
  2. Gemma wilce
    Hiya u have to remember everyone is different but in average I take 1hr45 for a full set of gel or acrylic with tips, maybe a bit less for sculptures. Manicure and french polish about 45mins and file and polish 20mins depending on ur clients nails to start with! X
  3. Unique Nails09
    Tip, overlay + Top coat - 60 mins for clear 75 mins for P & W

    Sculpted Acrylic - 90 mins

    File and Polish - 25 mins including drying time for client

    French Manicure - 30 mins. Full Manicure with French - 60 mins

    Infills - 45 mins to 60 mins depending on what state they are in!

    Rebalance - 75 mins - 90 mins

    HTH xx:wink2:
  4. MissJulesBeauty
    Extension Tip & Overlay - 60 mins
    Natural Tips 75 mins
    File & Polish - 20 mins
    French Mani - 30 mins
    Infil - 30 Mins
    Rebalance - 45 mins

    Don't try and rush yourself too much as from experience clients prefer you to take your time and do a good job. I promise your time will drop with experience. I remember when I was clocking up 3 hours for a full set of tip & overlay. sometimes it can take me longer if I talk too much. I was really pleased with myself today as I went to a regulars house and managed to do both her and her daughter (tip & overlay) in just 2.5 hours including unpacking etc. I arrived at 5.00pm and was back in my care for 7.25pm! I was very impressed lol x I was there 3.5 hours last time gassing!

  5. stanyer21
    all extensions take me approx 1.5 hours
    infills take me between 1 hr and 1.5 for re doing whites
    shape and paint i book in a 30 min slot i can do it in 15 but would prefer 30 min slot left
  6. geeg
    Average industry recommended guidelines for timings for a competent nail technician with experience are about 1.5 hrs for full sets of any type. And about an hour for rebalances.
    File and polish 30 mins
    French manicure 30 minutes

    Some individuals may do a bit of bragging about their timings and I would take that "with a pinch of salt" :biggrin: but it is not about doing full sets super fast .. It is all about doing full sets super beautifully. Let's keep it real.
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  7. milliondollars
    True true! When I started out I was so worried about speeding up that it affected the quality of my work. Then i allowed myself more time to do it properly and the results were much better and I have speeded up naturally over time. Don't rush yourself or book back to back if you aren't sure on timings because if you try to work too quickly you will end up doing a crap set of nails! Your client would rather look nice and sit there for a bit longer
    Xx :)
  8. Unique Nails09
    Oh no! Hope it wasn't me who was 'bragging' - just being paranoid here! It depends on the original size, length, shape of the natural nails, some clients I can whizz through but others take a bit more tweaking x
  9. geeg
    No fingers are being printed anywhere at all .. lol I've seen these posts before where techs brag how they work all day at unrealistic speeds, that's all.
  10. Unique Nails09

    I agree with that Geeg, in a previous salon I worked we had appointments crammed in one after the other and regularly were only given 30 mins for Infills - meaning we simply didn't have time to do a 'thorough' job. I've seen fungus spots being ignored without the acrylic being removed and the area santised correctly and just left to mutate (not by me I hasten to add)

    I always book in 10-15 slots between each client now giving me room to run over with problem nails or simply have a breath of fresh air or a drink before my next client arrives! You cant rush treatments as you simply will not create a professional finish.
  11. Pink*Princess
    I've been doing nails for 10 years n I would never try n rush infect I can't rush as I would feel I'm not doing a good job.

    Fullset of sculptured acrylics take me 1 hour 30mins
    Infills 1 hour. Sometimes 1 hour 15
    Rebalance(backfills) 1 hour 45 - 2 hours. I've just never picked my speed up with this.
    Take aslong as you need and do the job properly :eek:) xxx
  12. cookiemonster
    thanks everyone for the feedback, I don't feel so bad now, my tips and overlay took 1Hr 40 mins last night on a friend, feel like I'm actually getting there now- thanx xx

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