How long should shellac last?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by missymish, Jun 6, 2011.

  1. missymish
    Hi everyone,

    I am not a nail geek so just wanted some advice, I had a shellac mani and pedi done 10 days ago, my nails lasted 4 days, ok so I do spray tanning and my hands are constantly being washed and I am a bit of a clean freak but is 4 days normal :| they started flaking away one nail just completely flaked off and in the end I had to pick it off because I didnt have time to get back to the salon to have it removed.

    My toes still have varnish on but it has chipped/flaked quite a bit at the bottom near the cuticles and looks terrible.

    Also when I had it done they called it a shellac pedicure but no work at all was done on my feet no hard skin filed or anything it was literally just a nail paint, I was told there could be no product or anything on the hands/feet.

    If all the above is normal then fine but I was a bit dissapointed with my nails only lasting 4 days :eek:(
  2. xxclairexx
    Well it should but it kind of depends on your natural nails and how you look after them as to how long it will last, I get 3 weeks out of my fingers and forever on my toes... If it was flaking away at the cuticle then I would think that maybe the nail plate had not been cleaned properly and maybe there was some shellac touching on the skin/cuticle... People can call it what they want I do an express shellac where it is just the nail care and application and I also do a shellac pedi where I do the nails first then soak, hard skin taken care of and massage... I would go back to the salon and give them a chance to sort out the nails... It is a fab product but doesn't suit everyone... Hth xx
  3. izzidoll
    Of course it should last more than 4 days.
    That said you need to play your part and look after them by wearing rubber gloves whilst cleaning and use a good cuticle oil.

    You really should have gone back to the Salon and let them see what had happened re the chipping flaking and they would have tried to work out how it happened and been able to rectify the problem.

    I know I would hate for anyone to be disapointed in a treatment I had carried out and would rather they came back to me to sort it out than be put off getting another treatment.
  4. twid
    Shellac should "with normal wear" last 2 weeks, I've found that with different clients and varying conditions it can last anything from 7 days to 4 weeks. Clients who have very dry nails or wont use their solar oil dont get such a long wear out of them and can find they peel right off.

    Speaking for myself I do 2 kinds of Shellac pedicure, either full pedicure which includes all the normal filing, soaking, massage & shellac or just the mini pedi which consists of cuticle work then Shellac.

  5. missymish
    Thanks everyone, to be fair I did not expect my finger nails to last that long but thought I would get at least a week, but from reading this I do not take the best care of my nails so this may be why.

    In regards to the feet I have regular pedis and she even said they were in great condition so I dont think what is happening should be!

    I wasnt told about any aftercare so this solar oil is news to me. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt so I will try and get back there this week so at least they can see my toes and explain about the nails and see what they say.
    Shellac Manicure or Pedicure includes, cut/file, cuticle work & Shellac application. This really should be stated on websites/pricelists so clients know excatly what they are getting.
    For an extra £10 I also offer a Shellac Spa Pedicure, which also includes foot soak, exfoliation, hard skin removal & massage.

    Also regarding aftercare, it is best to avoid suntan lotions/insect repellents that contain deet as this can disolve the Shellac, & I always say when doing any cleaning/washing up wear gloves to avoid getting any chemicals on the nails. x
  7. Sarah Norman
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  8. Sarah Norman
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  9. Up To Scratch
    Hi! This really does not sound right at all - especially as yes, you may handle chemicals, but you are experiencing problems with the Shellac on your toes too? It lasts weeks and weeks on everyone I've treated!

    So, quick question, but did the therapist/technician use the CND UV lamp when they applied your Shellac? Use of the incorrect lamp could seriously impact the performance of the product, yet so many seem to be skimping and using A.N.Other Brand lamp! :irked:

    Also, did they complete a full PEP prior to application? PEP means to Perform a manicure (which should include thorough and meticulous cuticle work - this is crucial!), to Eliminate surface contaminants and Purify nail layers (using CND Scrubfresh).

    Just a little food for thought... x

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