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Discussion in 'Business' started by kennedia, Nov 30, 2008.

  1. kennedia
    Hi All, now I know I'm asking the impossible here, but I'm doing some cashflow forecasting in advance of seeing my business link account manager tomorrow, and I'm trying to estimate how many hair cuts a newish salon would do per day/week/month.

    It's really hard to say and everyone's different I know but an idea would be really, really appreciated.

    Many thanks everyone x
  2. Sun_shine
    It would really depend on how many staff you have to start working out that, and how many existing clients you have. If you are doing marketing you can aim at higher numbers as that should be bringing people in, but air on the conservative side with that until you know how succesful your marketing is.
  3. kennedia
    Hi, it's an existing salon i'm looking at taking over. 2 part time and 1 full time staff, open tuesday to saturday. A couple of members of staff did leave quite recently which has affected things. WHen I was in having my hair done there were three other people in at the same time all having foils done. I'm trying to get an average figure for my forecasting. Do you think 4 clients a day or is that too conservative? Maybe 7 or 8?

    Thanks xx
  4. RedAdmiral
    So many factors come in to play - how long does it take you for certain treatments? how much can you do in a n hour?
    I laid mine out by working out how much I thought I needed to make per week/per day/per hour based on my overheads.
    I then worked out different services I could do in an hour - file and polish 10 mins, spray tans15 mins, set of nails 1hr and then worked out how many hours I'd be open based on these 3 treatments.
    This also helped me work out how much products I'd need. It also gave the bank the maximum that could come from services based on a 40 hr week or 52hrs total opeing times. It obviously is over what you need for the week so you can show that you only have to perform 10 tans, 10 file & polishes and 5 sets of nails (eg.)
  5. Sun_shine
    That's exactly how I would work it out, working backwards always makes it easier with these things.
    If you are taking over an existing salon, can you also ask who has it at the moment the average number of clients the staff are seeing at the moment, as that's a great way to put down their numbers and for yourself work on the above?
  6. kennedia
    Thanks all, that's really helpful. I didn't really think of it that way but it seems obvious now! (typical lol). So i'll work back and say I need x amount of clients to break even, x amount for y amount of profit and x amount for z amount of profit.

    Thanks very much. Is 7 or 8 hair clients a day a lot? Would a better conservative estimate be 3 or 4?

    Thanks to all for your help xx
  7. Sun_shine
    7 or 8 clients a day is definately do-able, but you do have to consider if you think you'll be doing that many straight away or whether you think it will take a while to build up a client base to be that busy.
    That said, if some appointments are only 15mins and low cost, that could mean more people.
    I would work out your numbers, see how that compares to the numbers you are thinking and go from there.

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