How Much Do You Charge For Rent A Chair

Discussion in 'Hair' started by pink_rose, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. pink_rose
    I was just wondering how much people are charging for renting a hairdressing chair?
    Do you charge by the day or week?
  2. minky
    Hi pink_rose , this link may help :hug: x

    Whats Required For 50/50 Or Rent A Chair

  3. pink_rose
    I have already read the link, and found it very helpful. Just wanted to know what other people charge tho for the week for renting a chair
    many thanks
  4. minky
  5. miss amy
    I charge either £200pw or 50 - 50% I supply all stock/colours etc EVERYTHING that you could possibly want in a salon environment!

    I am a city centre salon in Nottingham. HTH
    Amy x
  6. junejuno
    I have read all the posts on rent a chair and the various splits if you do it on a % basis.
    I am still a little confused. I am presently interviewing stylists and beauticians to work self employed in my new studio opening soon in Carlisle, Cumbria. It is located in an affluent main road location about half a mile from the city centre. I am struggling to settle on figures.
    Am I right in thinking that the following are the norm?

    1) Flat rent of anything between £100 and £250 per week depending on location.

    2) 50/50 split if I supply the products (some say 60/40 in my favour)

    3) 60/40 split in the girls favour if they supply their own products.

    Any feedback most welcome.

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