How much rent to pay for a nail station?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by images, Aug 5, 2010.

  1. images
    Hi All,

    I was wondering if anyone could give me some idea as to how much rent I should be paying to rent a nail staton? I will be using my own stock etc.

  2. An*Gel
    I suppose it depends on the area really... I'm in Ireland, so can't really advise, but just to give you an idea, I paid €70 a week to rent a space in a hair salon.

    I was approached by the owner of a different hair salon before this and she said I could have a space in her salon free of charge. I said no to this, only because I used to own the Beauty salon upstairs from that hair salon and didn't think it would be very ethical. (I sold my Beauty Salon but the nail bar and nail clients were not included)

    Anyway, my point is, that the owner of the Hair Salon would be in a win win situation with my being there, as I'd be bringing new clients into the salon and her clients could avail of my services too.

    So I wouldn't want to pay too much for rent....€70 a week to me was perfect, as after one set of enhancements at €65, my rent was nearly paid.

    HTH :hug:
  3. mrmarkymarc
    hey hun i rent my table in a hair salon and i pay £70 per week.
  4. Karen Minx
    I have my own room within a hair salon and i pay £100 a week. The salon is on an army base so i get quite busy.
  5. glamorize

    How much would you expect to pay to rent a nail station for approx 20 hrs a week ??

  6. Kayleighs Nail & Beauty Studio
    i think it depends on the person who ur renting from, i used to rent a room a bout 3years ago and paid £50 pw weather i workd 8hrs or 48hrs x
  7. Rachel_GGN
    In busy areas near me, the going rate is between £70 & £80 for a table in a hair salon.

    For a room, it is around £100- £120

    Good luck !
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  8. Susie H
    You do not want to get into the whole rent by the hour bit, it just creates bad feeling in the long run, especially if the owner disides to rent the space to another tech when you are not there. Which she is quiet likely to do. She wants the rent, she wants her hair clients to get their nails done when it's convienent to them and most of them don't care who does it so long as the client is happy.

    Things to take into account:
    Where is the table? Right by the window is best for you, plenty of natural light, you are highly visible and it gives your clients something to stare at, which means they are more likely to keep their hands still!
    Will they advertise for you?
    Will they take bookings for you?
    Do you have a locked cupboard for your products?
    Can you use their debit card machine to take payments?
    As for how much to pay that very much depends on where you are and how much competition you have around you. City center, only tech there? Expect to pay more, loads of techs around you? Argue to pay less or less to begin with while you build up your client base.
    Village, only tech? Then do your research and see if you have/ are likely to have a client base.
    The avarage seems to be about £70 a week but I've seen much higher for prime spots in London and Birminham:confused:
  9. maria0809
    hi :green:

    i am in the same situation i have just got a staion in a beauty salon that opends in 2 weeks, the owner was wanting 37 % of my takings a week or £50 a day i think this a too high for a new salon with no clientel basis as such any advice please :confused:

    ps it is in a small villege with no other salon
    thanks maria
  10. Karen Minx
    I think £50 a day is way too much, esecially for a small village!

    Just to update what i said before, I haggled with the salon owner and got my rent down to £75 a week. I told her that i thought she was too expensive for the area and that i couldn't afford it! :p Since then i've moved in the bigger room within the salon which was ment for beauty and now pay about £80 a week (£350 a month).
  11. maria0809
    hi thanks so much for ur reply. i think will talk to her some more i am thinking about going in to percentage about 25% of my ernings :green:
    but i dont know is i am buying stock or she is will let u know .
    thanks again:!::green:
  12. RehabHairStudio
    Hi, I opened my salon in January 2012 and currently have a beauty room that i rent and am thinking of turning into a nail bar for a self employed nail tech, i feel that it is a better idea to go down a comission route rather than taking a daily rate from the person who decides to take the nail bar on, so just a quick qeustion or any advice would be great, what is a typical comission rate to ask for? I am a hairdresser and this is not my industry but i feel that have someone that can do pedicures,nails,gels in my hair salon and to be able to offer this to my clientele is a great thing that both parties can benefit from.

    Thanks :Grope:
  13. lynn amber
    Hi I just want to say personally I would never work self employed on a commission basis I think it can cause problems :-D

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  14. JoUp
    Hello! Newbie here.... I pay £150 for a room. Although research I've been doing tells me I could have gotten a lot cheaper! :)
  15. xxJackiexx
    I pay £50 per week for a room within a sunbed/tanning place upstairs . They are open mon-sat 10-830 and sun 10-6pm .
    I can work what ever hours I please . I deal with my own bookings and adverts- but the owner lets me put posters up downstairs and nail displays on their counter so the sunbed clients know I'm in the building - lets my log into their fb account too as I have an album of my nail pics on their fb account (i do have my own pages too ) . They basically let me do as I please as long as I don't cause a disturbance :) x
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