How often do you re-do your own nails?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by sachi, Mar 13, 2010.

  1. sachi
    When you 1st started in to nails, how often did RE-do your nails. And for those of you that were OLD TIMERS ;) in the biz, how often do you chnage them now? Every 2 weeks?

    I know for me I want to redo them EVERY DAY! but that is so hard on my poor little nails! But I still wana.....:irked:. It is like a drug to me! them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:
    PINK!RED!PURPLE!GREEN!ORANGE!BLACK! SOOOO many!!! Ugh.... maybe I should have taken up quilting!
  2. FingerNailFixer
    I'm boring and consistent, once a week for as long as I can remember...even back when I was living at home going to school not knowing nails would become one of my loves lol!!

    *realized I should probably add my nails are natural, so its just polish I'm changing once a week ;)
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  3. sachi
    LOL I just saw I said Who and not HOW rofl Typo fail!:smack:
  4. Scottish_girl
    i reckon i change my nails about every 7-10 days!! i usually do a set i havent done before on a client and think, *oooo i like them* and thats me wanting to redo again!!
  5. sachi
    Sounds like me! Or I am trolling the net looking for nails photos and i see one i HAVE to have..... :eek:
  6. geeg
    Rarely if ever do I change my nails. Neither did I change them when I first started over 25 years ago. I maintained them and learned how to maintain them both on myself and on clients.

    Maintenance is the most important thing we do as nail technicians. So many new techs do NOT get that!! Good Maintenance is what keeps clients returning to you; trouble free nails is what keeps clients returning to you. There is so much to learn in providing good maintenance. All the time and trouble spent in re-designing nails would (in my opinion) be better spent in learning how to maintain them . and allot less stressful to your natural nails as well.

    I am so NOT into nail art unless it is incredibly classy. I'm into gorgeous natural looking nails that clients can live with. If you want nail art that you change frequently then do it with paint and polish and don't use permanent materials that you have to spend so much time removing.
  7. sachi
    Thank you for fixing my Typo! I think you are right! And that is why I change them so much! I do some crazy colors on the tips then think.... wow that is just TO much! And then opt for a more Classy look.... Then it hits me again!
    I really do need to Stop! Is there NTA (Nail Techs Anonymous) for this kind of thing?
  8. geeg
    Loving your enthusiasm, Sachi. I wouldn't want to 'rain on your parade' ... it is just that I see so many new techs get all excited about the things that don't count for much in business.

    Good Solid Maintenance is what counts in business. Yes, learn how to do quick, profitable nail art techniques that someone will pay you to do .. but permanent techniques??? Takes so long to change them when you can do so many of the same things with polish or paint! It all ends up costing the nail technician MONEY and I like to see nail technicians make money in their business ... not just play around learning how to do things and spending money on products that will sit on their shelves unused. Many have cupboards full of stuff and then complain they have no money, or that the products they use every day are so expensive etc!

    If you are wanting to seriously go into the business of nails then my advice is to learn the real business of nails which will be what puts the $$$ in your pocket.
  9. tigi
    I change mine every week.... I get bored very quickly and so like to change them. I also notice that if I do change them often my clients notice and will often ask for something similar.

    It's how we got minx and glitter toes noticed in the salon, Jodie was wearing the minx and the clients started asking for them . I dont like to have anything other than the tiniest of free edge on my toenails so i wear glitter toes.

    its a form of free advertising i suppose.

  10. Melanie89
    I used to change mine every 2 weeks! The set i have on now iv had on for 5 weeks and will probably rebalance them this week! I used to love changing mine all the time then I converted to cnd and learned to properly rebalance which I much prefer to do now instead of a new set every 2 weeks x
  11. Violet Star
    I dont have nail enhancements ever!!They do drive me crazy with my work i just cant cope with them! But i do like very colourful nails im never one for a frenchy i love bright pinks, reds and love my black! So i do tend to paint my nails around 2-3 times a week :)
  12. Gigit
    I'm almost always wearing Bio Sculpture #2058 or #23 over what I now use INM or NSI gels. I fill about once a week. I always have on enhancements - either long or short, but there is never a moment without no-chip perm colour on my hands.

    Next fill I may switch to a custom pink shade I made. I'm wearing it on my toes and it's lovely.
  13. sachi
    My biggest issue is doing a REAL good re-balance. I want to see NO fill line, none what so ever..... But I also fear filing to much of the nail plate and so i hold back. It takes time to get it I know! Sometimes being OCD can really mess you up lol. :irked:
  14. leannesuga
    i have been using bio sculpture on my nails for about 3years, i love it, i usually get 3-4weeks before i have to fix/ touch up any of them, as im too busy to be doing my own nails, although i would love to have them done everyweek i just dont have the time,
  15. Nickie
    I rebalance mine every 2 weeks or so. Used to seem like every week I was playing with them but now I have grown my nails under the acrylic and am not about to cut them off to start again! Rebalance also is faster and easier for me. At the mo I am into polish, so thats what I am playing with, every 4 days or so I have o change the colour!
  16. twid
    Im torn between wanting a new colour gel every week and the actualy pfhaff of having to do it - I cant stand doing my own nails (am I weird or do others hate it too?).

    The laugh of it all is that I actually only have nine nails too do, I lost most of my right ring finger in an accident when I was 13! So only four need doing on my worst hand!!

    I usually change them every 3-4 weeks.

  17. Cutesteph
    I redo my nails religiously every 3 weeks but I dont do them myself, I just cant stand it!

    After I took my course I kept changing my nails all the time and I really enjoyed it but eventually that wore off and I went back to my nail tech. I love doing other peoples nails but not mine!

    If you dont want to see a fill line ever you need to practice PERFECT APPLICATION from the beginning so your rebalance is clean:)
  18. MissOwen
    I change mine about once a week. I dont remove and replace though. I am an ex biter so use an opaque pink and extend my nail beds. When i fancy a change, i snip off the free edge and sculpt on a new colour or glitter and rebalance the rest. Sometimes add a bit of hand painted art if i want something a bit bolder.

    I like them to be fairly 'lively' though as people notice them more and i get the chance to let people know i'm a nail tech :)
  19. sachi
    Yeah I am thinking about going to a nail tech, lol if I pay for them I will leave them alone!!! And we have a FAB salon here, i just found out!
    So I know i will get a GOOD set and I will get something funky and fun. :smack:

    Edit that! I just did my off hand and in the am I wil do the ON hand! And I Cross my heart and Hope to Die, Geeg, that I WILL keep them on for 1 month! Or I can not ware any for a month after that!
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  20. sachi
    Ok nvm what I said in the last post!
    I WILL not take my nails off or even THINK about it for 6 weeks! I uploaded my week one photos in my album!
    Who else is with me? Wanna see how long you cn hold out? lol :eek:

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