How often should I use my high frequency machine

Discussion in 'Skin' started by St311ar, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. St311ar
    Forgive me as this is more of a personal use question...I purchased a HFM last summer at a skin care show.

    I was wondering how often I should use it on myself? Is it safe for everyday use? I bought a personal hand held unit (no box.)

    I usually use it at a high level after my cleansing and before my toner/moisturizer. What do you suggest as a way to implement the HFM into my daily routine, as I am unsure I am using it correctly. I have acne issues and combination skin.

    Once again this is for home use, not on clients. Thanks in advance for your responses!
  2. St311ar
    :/ no one?
  3. weezie
    I would check with the manufacturer. I would think once a week maximum would be more than enough. We were taught to use it with gauze over the bulb to make it more effective. You need to keep contact with the skin but keep moving it around not focusing on one area for too long. You could probably do some damage if you don't use it as recommended.
  4. St311ar
    Hi thanks for your response:)

    It didn't come with instructions in English lol.

    I took cosmetology 5 years ago and they touched on it a little but didn't really cover how to use a HFM too much.

    That's why I was hoping for an answer here. I will get some gauze and cut down to once a week. Do you ever use the long stem like one to "zap" zits?
  5. weezie
    I forgot to say attach the gauze aroung the bulb with an elastic band.

    If you want to "zap" spots then lift the probe a negligible amount off the skin so you are just loosing contact and then replace it. Just do it one or two times on the spot. If you lift it too high you will cause tissue damage.

    I don't know if you are using it properly to start the treatment, you should be putting your finger on the bulb as you lower it to the skin, starting with the current turned down low before you make contact with your finger and then turning it up once it is on the skin until you hear it buzz or feel it. Keep it moving while you turn it up.

    Use for about 5 minutes in total.

    I'm only telling you this as I trust you will just use it on yourself and I don't want you to cause yourself any harm! :hug:
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  6. St311ar
    Thank you so much for your response and help. I remember that you have to make contact before applying it to your face.

    Thanks again for the tips! Rest assured I am only using it on myself:)

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