How soon can you bleach after bleach?

Discussion in 'Hair' started by pinkprincess01, Dec 18, 2008.

  1. pinkprincess01
    Hi i was wondering if anyone can help with my dilemma. Im natural blonde with bleached highlights but decided to go white blonde all over with a few slices of colour. My hairdresser put 30vol all over roots hardley on the ends and practically nothing on the back section of my hair.

    Afterwards we put a 8/81 toner on which took away the yellow but replaced it with greyish tones and now im left with white, yellow, beige and grey hair totally not what i had hoped for at all.
    Can anyone reconmend what i do now i want my hair to be nice in time for xmas so would you suggest i bleach full head again to get the base colour i want or is this too harsh, i done last one on monday 15th dec?

    My hairdresser said it will fall out if we put the bleach on the ends but people have all over blonde hair so it is possible without it falling out and i said to her i want it to be all same colour all over but she still only put it on in places, i can only think she isnt maybe as confident with bleach as she is with cutting etc.

    Im level 2 training myself but obviously i still have a lot to learn so i dont want to just do what i think i want it to be right.

    Any help or advise would be much appreciated!!

    Thanks xxx
  2. alan27
    im a little bit confused...but here goes anyway!

    all depending on the condition of your hair, you could re-apply bleach (with 20vol) to the parts which are not white only, i.e the yellow bits,

    and im not used to whatever colour brand youve used but to me, an 8/1 in schwarzkopf is very dark to tone hair to white!

    someone else will give better advice as im only level 3 now :) but this is what i would do...and have done a few times!

  3. liana kay
    people that usually have full head bleach have hair that is bob length or shorter ,people that have hair longer and blonde in good condition its usually extensions, a colour and a professional blow dry ( or thier hair just looks rubbish) . if you have had any other colour apart from lifting colour in the last 2 yrs then this could be why its not lifting up as much .
    If your hair is bob length or shorter ,id ask your hairdresser to reapply to the patchy orange /yellow pieces only . if your hair is longer , id maybe have a slightly deeper warm blonde semi( to blend it all in) and give it up and go back to foil colouring when the condition of your hair allows it .
    but beware ,where theres bleach there is always breakage ( even if it is just one hair)
    IF your hairdresser is worried ( she probably is right to be) then you have to know that if it goes wrong that she has advised you against any further bleach .
    *yep as alan sid , 8/81 sounds a bit dark to me ,although ive never used it . id wash it a couple of times and maybe consider having a cut and a differant toner . your hairdresser can help you with this and its probably your best bet for condition - dont forget your gonna have to make decisions about your roots in 6 weeks ,s you can review the permanant colour more then
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  4. pinkprincess01
    Thanks for the replys. Yes ive had it all cut off to above my shoulders so thats why i want all over bleach as most of it was getting cut off anyway. But when she applied it she only took it to the end in places so now ive got pure white roots with all different colour bits of hair when what i wanted was all over blonde and then once i had my base i would of maybe got a few slices in. :rolleyes:

    The 8/81 was a wella and is a silver toner its really lifted the yellow but its left quite a grey tone which i dont mind too much as i know after a few washes it'l be fine the problem i have now is my hair is not how i like it and i dont know what to do with it.

    I think maybe il just go over the bits shes's missed and hopefully it'l all blend in nice.

    Thanks guys xx
  5. scottydolly
    jus take care of the condition, ur hairdresser shd be able to judge this, we use well too and mostly use 10;s for toners but i have seen 8s used too. . depends on the effect they want really. . x
  6. babydevil666
    hi im new here and this is my first post!
    if i was doing your hair i would check the condition and to even out the colour i would use bleach with either 6% or 9% jus on the ends (or yellow/orange bits) and keep and eye on it. once it is the colour matches with the roots i would then do a wella 10/16 toner to even it all to a silvery/white colour. hth x x

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