How thick or thin should an acrylic nail be?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by leeka, Sep 23, 2008.

  1. leeka
    Calling all you nail experts.

    I have only been doing nails for 10months and i am very confused as to how think or thin my acrylic nails should be? Looking in magazines like scratch they are very thin is this how i should be doing them?

    Advise please
  2. adelekeegan1
    To quote Geeg:-

    Competition nails should be as thin as a business card and salon nails should be as thin as a credit card HTH
  3. champagne
    Adele, where did you pick that info up from? Thats really interesting.
  4. HeatherDavis
    Champagne, your nails should be thick AND thin ;)

    Thin everywhere(business card) but the apex area, then a little heavier (credit card) at the apex/stress area to ensure toughness of your enhancement :)
  5. MsAqua
    Interesting guide, I have wondered this myself. Does the business card/credit card apply for gel also?
  6. HeatherDavis
    yep it sure does ;)
  7. adelekeegan1
    Sorry, should have been clearer - I meant the free edge

    Gigi posted it at some time
  8. Mieke
    I would say as thin as possible without risk for your customer to break them. but i think that the thickness of a creditcard ís a great guidline.
  9. smiler13334
    I agree, well explained and easy to understand for alot of people unsure of the thicknesses needed. At least some will now realise the thickness of a cardboard box is not required lol x
  10. ~Emmsybabes~
    I think length and occupation sometimes comes into it too,
    I have a friend with 3 she looks after her sisters 3 children too, she has her nails a shorter length, but asks me to build them thicker than I used to due to her work load increasing,
    She just doesn't have the time to take the same care of her nails she used to be able to....
    although I use more product, I still keep the structure correct so they look the same, they have the same balance, just thicker overall.

    So although the credit and business card makes an excellent guideline to follow, Sometimes you just need to asses the situation and adjust accordingly...but this will all come to you anyway,

    Somewhere I am sure it was Sandi posted a picture of a nail she chopped at the apex, to show thickness....I will look for it...

    The whole thread is a cool one to read xxx
  11. femmefan
    I would assume that if the free edge was kept shorter then the apex would not need to be quite as thick? I struggle with this as it is hard to get the free edge nice and thin but the white thick enough to cover at the smile line while still getting a nice gentle curve along the length of the sideview. I'm thinking mainly of during a french re-balance. It's fine when there is a decent length to the free edge as you can make the produce a little thicker at the smile line to cover any shadow but still have enough length to taper to a thin edge. I do always de-bulk first but struggle with 'judging' it just right. Any tips anyone?


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