How to assemble and use your 'new' CND UV Lamp

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  1. geeg
    OK .. you've just recieved your brand spanking new, all singing all dancing, five-finger-cure CND UV Lamp. Take things slowly and don't get giddy and go too fast .. take a deep breath and take your time to put it all together step by step.

    1. Open your parcel and remove the nice shiny box that contains your lamp. Take your time to see how the box opens and don't break any nails!!!

    2. Open the nice shiny box and remove the bubble wrapped UV lamp.


    3. Remove the bubble wrap bag from around the lamp and put to one side.


    4. Remove the white bag, which contains the UV Lamp, and put the bag to one side and place the lamp in front of you on a nice hard surface, the right way up.

    5. Before you remove any of the contents inside the lamp you need to remove the cover of the lamp. Removing the cover is easier than you think if you keep following the directions below.

    6. Slide the fingertips of your left hand along the inside of the right hand side of the cover, about one and a half inches, while you steady the lamp with your right hand which should be placed on the right hand side of the outside of the lamp. Push firmly from the inside and the right hand side of the cover should pop out easily. Do the same thing on the left hand side of the cover and the cover will come off. :green:

    You may find this short video by FingernailFixer a useful tool for seeing how to remove the cover of the CND UV Lamp too.


    7. Once the cover is removed, remove and discard the protective blue film from the inside of the cover. Place the cover to one side for now.

    8. Remove the power cord and the 4 high intensity UV bulbs which are inside the lamp and contained in 4 individual small boxes. Put all to one side for a few moments before unpacking them.

    9. NOW you need to remove ALL the protective blue film from every surface of the inside of the lamp or the lamp will not cure your product and you will be a very unhappy bunny.

    10. There are 2 separate 'plates' in the bottom of the lamp; one for hands and one for feet, Remove the first plate and remove and discard the protective blue film from it and put to one side.


    11. Remove the second plate and remove and discard the protective blue film from it and put to one side.


    12. Now remove and discard the protective blue film, from each of the side pieces of the lamp, and discard it.

    13. Remove and discard the protective blue film from the rear portion of the lamp.

    See how lovely and shiny it all is inside the lamp now?

    14. Now you can unpack the 4 high intensity UV bulbs and insert them firmly, one into each of the 4 sockets inside the lamp. NOTE: When inserted, the two side bulbs will stick out further than the two middle bulbs ... this is as it should be.



    15. Replace the two bottom pieces back into the bottom of the lamp. The hand plate (with the circular disc should be on the top when complete.

    16. Replace the cover.

    You're almost ready to get started.

    17, Remove the power cord from the bubble wrap bag and remove the plastic protective cover from the pins on the 3-pin plug.

    18. Attach the small end of the power cord to the back of the lamp by plugging it into the small socket on the lamp.

    19. All set? OK Plug the lamp into the mains.

    20. You will see 3 small blue lights appear on the top of the lamp .. this means you are connected.



    You will see a series of buttons at the back of the lamp.

    1. FIRST press the button on the far right labelled POWER
    2. The button marked 'A' on the right hand side of the lamp is your 10 second button.
    3. 'B' is for 90 seconds (1.5 minutes)
    4. 'C' is for 120 seconds (2 minutes)
    5. 'D' is for 180 seconds (3 minutes)

    Place the hand with the nails that need to be cured inside the lamp comfortably on the white circle making sure the fingers are straight and not curled.

    Press the appropriate button for the time of the cure you want and then press the button on the top left to activate the UV Bulbs. (A small delay after pressing this button is normal).

    Reset for the next cure if necessary by pressing A, B, C or D for the correct cure time and then press the top left hand button to activate.

    Now you may be wondering why all these different cure times??? Well CND is not finished creating new products so the lamp is covering all the bases for future innovations. :D


    1. There are more bulbs and they are positioned for complete curing of all five fingers or toes at one time.

    2. The bulbs are positioned closer to the opening of the lamp to assure complete cure of thumbs and pinkies and smaller toes.

    3. The contoured hand plate keeps fingers properly placed and the removable shelf allows plenty of room for feet and easy sanitizing of the plates.

    4. Bulb use is pre-calculated to count down the time left before bulbs should be replaced. You can view how many hours are left in the life of your bulbs by briefly pressing the reset button and the hours will be displayed. DO NOT hold the reset button in or the lamp will reset to maximum again and you will not know how many hours of use you have left.

    5. The interior fan improves lamp ventilation.

    6. Additional features include an easy-to-hold handle and a removable power cord for easy transportation.

    The CND UV Lamp is the best of its kind in the world and has all the features that work for you as a nail technician or manicurist. It has been completely built with you in mind. Enjoy it and look after it.

    Be careful to keep it clean inside the lamp and the bulbs free of cured Shellac.

    The hand & foot plates can be sanitized and sprayed with Mundo disnfectant spray between clients.

    Do not splash the lamp with Acetone or you will spoil the surface.

    Removing each bulb and turning it over after 50 hours of use, will ensure nice clean bulbs and full intensity for curing for the next 50 hours.

    Always have a spare set of bulbs in stock in case of accidents, and a second CND UV lamp is handy too for a stand-by (makes working even easier too).

    Use only CND UV Lamps to cure Shellac. Only the CND UV Lamp will fully cure your Shellac to ensure client safety and satisfaction of service.

    Happy Shellacking!

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  2. Jen Smith
    Phew... I am exhausted just reading all that... lol!!

    I can't wait for my lamp to arrive now so I can play with it following your lengthly step by step instructions (it must have taken best part of the afternoon tapping away at your keyboard hehe!... I am sure it will be so simple now you have been so kind to help us all out with this guide... thanks Geeg :hug: :hug:
  3. smartypantz
    Thanks I will read the instructions again when my lamp arrives:D
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  4. geeg
    I've been tapping all day and not a chip in my Shellac .. mind you, I've never had a chip in my Shellac in the two plus months I've been using it!! I'm wearing rose Bud ATM if anyone is interested!! lol I was afraid it would be an old lady pink but it is really pretty and I had several comments at the hairdressers this afternoon ... I don't think anyone has ever commented on my polish before ... must be the mirror shine which gets them noticed.
  5. Spa Therapist
    Thanks Geeg, this was really helpful. I don't think I've ever been as scared when I was inserting the bulbs, they were stiff and I thought I was going to break them!! :eek:

  6. geeg
    It always feels like that when inserting the bulbs ... glad it helped you.
  7. o3o8amy
    I cant get the lid of my new lamp feel so silly please help i am following step number 6 any advice please? thankyou
  8. Mrs Geek
    Brilliant MUM!! Love it!
  9. Martigirl
    Rosebud!!!!! I hated it with a passion!!!!! however the amount of comments from clients has been overwhelming lesson learnt I haven't a clue really lol!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. geeg
    Just follow the step and it will just 'happen' ... you just haven't hit the 'sweet spot' yet.
  11. geeg
    OK I'm over the Rosebud now ... I went the 14 flawless days and now I'm wildfire which is absolutely divine. I am more of a wildfire type girl but the comments I've had during the rosebud phase have been plentiful. lol
  12. Martigirl
    I am a Fedora girl now.

    The last 2 weeks I have spent with a different colour on each finger to show my clients it really does last 14 days of being abused.

    Now loving my matching nails cos I aint a teenager lol
  13. Martigirl
    sorry back on topic

    Great article and I adore my 2 new lamps xxx
  14. wishes
    Hi just thought it be good to get this back up as the new lamps have arrived!!! gOT MINE TODAY AND FOLLOWED THESE instructions very clear and helpful, thanks again.:hug:
  15. Up To Scratch
    Thank you so much for this geeg! I have set up my shiny new CND lamp and am now all set to be even MORE unbearable whilst I wait for the Shellac Salon Rack to come back into stock! Think I'm driving my husband & children bonkers... :lol:

    Also waiting for the 250ml d.sperse and the pump dispenser caps to be available. Talking of which, I know the pump dispenser cap will fit my 8oz ScrubFresh, but will it also fit the 250ml d.sperse? If so, I'll be ordering one for each of them...

    Thank you! x
  16. loving nails
  17. An*Gel
    That's not a lady... that's Holly! :lol::lol:

    Only messing Holly :smack:
  18. loving nails
    Oeps, sorry,
    i'm new here, so i didn't know Holly :wink2:
  19. An*Gel
    LOL.. don't be silly :hug:

    Holly AKA FingerNailFixer is a fellow geek.. a real gem
  20. lynnpvw
    Thanks Geeg. I've finally got around to unpacking my lamp and this was really helpful. There's definitely a knack to inserting the bulbs - it took me ages and although I eventually got all 4 in there I still don't know what the knack is. Now all I need is the postman to arrive with my basecoat
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