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Discussion in 'Nail' started by 2cheesecakes, Feb 14, 2009.

  1. 2cheesecakes
    what's the best & fastest way to buffing natural nails & enhancements to a super-shine finish?

    3-way buffer is always super-shiny, but even working fast (& efficeint of course), it takes about 5-6minutes & it's tiring :zzz:

    do you even buff to a high shine at all? or compensate with a coat of clear gel?

    MOST IMPORTANTLY- what is 'chamoise drill bit' like for buffing & does it really provide as high a shine as the manual 3way buffer? do the chamoise bits have to be followed/preceeded with any other bits or used in conjunction with solutions?

    also, is there an electric equivalent of the 3-way buffer suited to professional use? if you have used one, what brand was it and how good was it on:

    natural nails?

    thanks so much! :hug: :hug: :hug:
  2. trusim
    Hi, I do use the Creative girlfriend with solar oil, I personally think it gives a beautiful finish. But I also (depending on the clients work situation) will use a quick buff, then apply a uv top coat, I use Hawley's "Miraseal" it is a lovely finish with no sticky residue. I believe it makes the enhancements last longer.

    I have never used the chamios before, nor have I used an e-file for the finish, only to shape the underneath, or clean underneath of the nail.

    Hope this has helped a bit.


  3. Deena
    Ezflow's miracle shine and snow monkey are a formidable duo, when it comes to a really high and lasting shine. :)
    a chamoise drill bit is an attachment head that fits on your e-file. I prefer the normal glass buffer. Nails come up a treat. A few strokes and you're done.
    But if you have applied acrylic perfectly enough there is little buffing to do.
  5. sian1979
    cnd glossing block for me or ezflow pro shiner...or to save all buffing i use a gel top coat!!
  6. Esmeralda
    I am just a student, about half way through my course. We use the Girlfriend buffer and then the CND buffer block, that gives a great shine! The CND buffer block goes really fast, if you use a light hand. You can't buff really hard with it, it's just for shine. You have to get all the lines and scratches out with the Girlfriend buffer FIRST then use the CND block. My understanding is that it is impregnated with something that bonds to the acrylic giving the high shine. Don't quote me on that, though. You have to get the oil off after you use the Girlfriend or it will ruin the buffer block, I was told. JMTCW.
  7. nailzoo
    Good quality buffers are important ....... and in good condition
    (remember, they don't last forever).

    You have to take nails (acrylic) down grit by grit and do each step correctly, or you are wasting your time.

    Natural Nails are a different matter and should be treated carefully/gently.

    Here's a buffing video on natural nails I did a while back Transformation Full

    The glass/gloss buffers now available are fab for natural nails (and they are 2 step) rather than 3 step.

    Be careful with glass/gloss buffers to remove any cuticle oil as it will destroy them.

    One of the most important ingredients to get a good shine is a bit of old fashioned "elbow grease".:)
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  8. Enhanced-Barbie
    At the moment I am using a Seacret buffer. My Creative Girlfriends all got a bit tired and I was gifted the Seacret set for Xmas so am using that. It is actually a really good buffer, gives a nice shine.
  9. grafxgal
    My understanding of the solar oil was to use it with the 1200 side of the Koala buffer to buff in the oil, then remove any residual oil (I usually use a warm flannel), then use the girlfriend buffer. If I remember correctly the girlfriend buffer doesnt like solar oil.

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