How to choose right acrylic nail brush

Discussion in 'Nail' started by annnails, Sep 13, 2010.

  1. annnails
    Hi all
    I need to buy a new acrylic nail brush for acrylic nail extensions. But it is too difficult to choose (pointed or round, how long, how big, which brand ... )
    Do you have any suggestions?
    Please help
    Many thanks
    Ann Nails
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  2. rag_muffin
    It is really up to what your most comfortable with, what have you trained or practiced with? Small point is what we trained with, I do not use that size now.

    The only other to do would be buy a less expensive one of each shape and practice with it and then decide before you invest in a nice brush.
  3. geeg
    I buy brushes made to go with the system I use. What system do you use? Your profile needs to be filled in as it doesn't even indicate that you are trained! People find it hard to help if they know nothing about you and your training history and experience.

    A brush is a tool .. different brushes do different things ... what you use and how you use it will determine what kind of brush you need!!
  4. izzidoll
    My first thought was the same as Geeg, and I went to your profile to see what system you use to give you an informed answer, but there was no info there!

    It would be great if you could fill your profile out as it really does help us.

    Regarding your brush, Geeg is perfectly right that it depends on the system you use, the CND brushes are softer and perfect for pressing and smoothing out CND liquid & powder.

    So if using CND get a CND brush a number 8 brush is best for less experienced tech's, and you can move on to the larger brushes once you have honed your skills.

    In my experience, having used a few different brands, I have to say I always come back to my good old EzFlow Master Artist 508 brush. It is not as pretty as some brushes out there with its plain old wooden handle, but it does the job!!

    It will flatten out for larger areas and for flush application in zone 3, and yet goes back into a point when required. Even though it is only a size 8 brush I can pick up as large a bead as I want with it.

    I disagree (sorry :eek: ) with Rag_muffin as buying cheap brushes to test is just a waste of money. Your brush is your main tool that you should look after and you should always get the best you can afford, and for my money that is the master artist 508!

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