How to create a Shellac gold like Ice Vapor?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by ClaireP, Dec 1, 2013.

  1. ClaireP
    I'm hoping a fellow geek can help me. My client wants a Shellac gold like Ice Vapor but doesn't like the Irresistible holographic gold glitter I have or the Gold VIP Status as it isn't sparkly enough. I haven't got Tinsel Toast (that would have been perfect) shame it was limited edition. I've done a search on here but couldn't find the right gold sparkle. Can any of you help me please? Thank you in advance. :)
  2. StephR
    Could you try gold VIP then sprinkle a bit of gold glitter on top? Xx
  3. ClaireP
    Thank you for your quick response, I tried that first with the holographic glitter but she wasn't keen :( I thought I would try to get as many suggestions as possible, make a range of colour pops and hope she likes at least one of them lol ;) x
  4. Susandoeshair
    Try mixing gold glitter into top coat. Not more than 30%, though!
  5. ClaireP
    Do you mean to make a glitter paste to apply after base coat, then glitter paste and top coat? Could you let me know if that's the correct process please. I'll try it tonight if I've understood it correctly. Thanks for your reply xxx
  6. Candystarrstarr
    Have you got a plain gold glitter rather than a holographic one? If so then I would mix into top coat too to make a glitter paste so it would be

    Base coat
    2x coats of the glitter paste
    Top coat

    Hth x
  7. Trinity
    I don't really understand what she's trying to make you get/create????

    Iced Vapour is silver holographic glitter, it's supended in a clear shellac so if you've tried gold holographic glitter over clear base coat, thats a gold imitation so I'm not understanding what she's expecting?

    Perhaps if she can find a photo of what she has in mind we can help more :|
  8. ClaireP
    Thank you for your replies, I'll ask her for a picture as it would really help. It all came from her having Ice Vapor last time and wanting a 'gold version' for her Christmas nails. I have got a plain gold glitter, I've tried that too. I think she's not overly keen on the really yellow tone of the gold holographic glitter. I have also tried on a colour pop using the gold additive burnished into cured Gold VIP Status, then another coat of Gold VIP Status cured with gold glitter lightly dusted over then burnished in, followed by a top coat. This looks nice but I wasn't sure if it was ok to layer Shellac with Additives burnished in the middle layers. If I were to use this method on a client I would obviously use a base coat too. Is this method ok? Any advice is really appreciated, thanks for taking the time to help. Xx
  9. StephR
    Yes that's fine to do that. It shouldn't effect the wear at all. I've burnished additives in to a colour before, then a layer of clearly pink to protect them, then gone over in Blackpool, carved out a design then top coat and it hasn't effected the wear.

    Have a look on eBay. I've bought some gold holographic glitter from there before as all the ones I found elsewhere were too yellow.

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  10. Trinity
    What did you put under the Iced Vapour that she liked or did you just use it on it's own?

    Is it the 'underwear' she's not liking?
  11. Emily S
    From my understanding, the client is wanting a gold version of Iced Vapour, in my mind this would be Tinsel Toast - is there a way to make this?

    I'm curious to know myself as I have an alternative for Ruby Ritz and no alternative option for TT when the nearly empty bottle runs out.. any ideas please? :)
  12. Jenski
    Hi, if the irresistible holographic color is too yellow, try their Bronze glitter or light gold glitter, they are both beautiful and you could always add a pinch of other colors to make it holographic. I would however recommend using a coat of Gold VIP Status over your base coat 1st, as as far as i'm aware, topcoat should not be directly applied to base coat, without a color layer inbetween. (apoligise if i'm incorrect) anyways hth's x
  13. Trinity
    Claire has already said she's tried holographic glitter and plain gold glitter and the client doesn't like it so that's why I'm stuggling to understand what the client is actually wanting. Gold holographic glitter in a clear base is all but Tinsel Toast :) (admittedly Tinsel Toast has various sizes of particles which gives it's fab finish which is not so easy to replicate but Claire has tried as near as possible)
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  14. ClaireP
    Thank you for all your replies. I might have to get some more gold glitters, I have 4 and thought this would be enough but at Christmas maybe I under estimated lol. I will have a look at the other Irresistible gold ones too, as I have the Martha Stewart collections. I will upload a picture later of my creations so far to see what you think. I agree Tinsel Toast would be perfect and I could add slightly larger glitter hex glitters too (like the larger flecks in Ice Vapor) but I can't buy this due to it being Limited Edition :( xx
  15. ClaireP
    Photo as promised. From left to right: Cocoa with Gold Additive burnished in then Gold VIP Status followed by Gold Martha Stewart Glitter Fade and Top Coat, Cocoa with Gold Additive burnished in then Gold VIP Status followed by Gold Martha Stewart Glitter Dusting of (then burnished in)and Top Coat, Gold VIP Status with Gold Additive burnished in then Gold VIP Status with a light dusting of (then burnished) Holographic Irresistible Gold Glitter then Top Coat, Gold VIP Status with Gold Additive burnished in then Gold VIP Status with a light dusting of (then burnished) Martha Stewart Gold Glitter then Top Coat, Gold VIP Status with a light dusting of (then burnished) Holographic Irresistible Gold Glitter then Top Coat. Pops 4 and 5 look very similar to each other the left has more glitter burnished in that the right bust same process. I hope that makes sense. Any other suggestions are welcome ;) xxx ImageUploadedBySalonGeek1386005890.289793.jpg
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  16. StephR
    Just from looking at these the closest you've managed to Tinsel Toast is the one on the far right.

    You could always try putting out a plea to all our fellow geeks to see if anyone has a bottle of TT they are willing to sell on to you x
  17. ClaireP
    That's a good idea but I didn't think we were allowed to ask to sell/ buy on this forum? I might be wrong. Xxx
  18. glamourboutique
    I asked this question an got an inbox message saying it was nt allowed an my post was removed as I was desperate to get it. I managed to get a bottle of a beauty selling page off Facebook. But I did even message sweet squared an they advised the gold irresistible glitters is the best match x
  19. ClaireP
    Thank you. I didn't think it was allowed. It's such a shame it was Limited Edition, it was out before I trained so no chance to get it now. I'm not sure that I would buy it unless I knew it was coming from a fellow Geek as I wouldn't be able to guarantee it was the genuine product. Thanks for letting me know what S2 said about the matching ;) xx
  20. glamourboutique
    That's ok Hun I must admit I actually prefer tinsel toast to ruby ritz 😁. But I love golds. I've always hated red as a colour must be cos I'm a closet ginger loooool x

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