How to get spray tan off quickly?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by *sarah*, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. *sarah*
    Hi guys, I have been busy buying oil free products to keep my tan in good condition, but was wondering if using oily products such as baby oil or dove cream body wash would be a good idea to get the remanants of tan off? As I know having old tan on will stop the new tan adhering properly, I always scrub with exfoliating gloves the day before and the day of my tan (and use xen tan body scrub to exfoliate off the tan evenly while using the transform to top it uo so I only need a spray tan every 2 weeks)
    any advice would be great
    Thanks xx
  2. collin
    A good way to remove any unwanted tan is to cover the area (or whole body if needed) with oil is fine.
    Leave for an hr..pop on a bath a really hot bath and soak for an hr then remove with an exfoliating mitten.
    Nice relaxing me time and will remove the unwanted tan :hug:
  3. *sarah*
    Thanks colin I was thinking of doing the baby oil n exfoliating gloves but wanted to ask 1st lol is it ok to do this the day of getting tan done as long as I have washed all oil off with body wash? just asking as getting my tan done 2mrw and don't have any oil in the house just now apart from tanning stuff lol xx
  4. frankilious
    i have been doin spary tans 4 a while now & i find baby oil worls best 4 me (i tell all my clients the same) while im in the shower i pour the oil all ovrt myself, then i rub the tan off with an old towel, does the trick ever time.
  5. SunSpray
    I too have done this and it can be very effective, and have recommended it to my clients. However, not sure what Collin will say but I would not recommend you put any oil on your body on the day of your next spray tan, just in case any oily residue is left behind xx
  6. collin
    I would completely agree as its easy to miss some areas and not remove the oil which will undoubtably cause you problems with the fresh tan application and outcome :hug:
  7. Bombalurina
    Perhaps I'm being really blonde, but I always thought oil would nourish the skin, and therefore prolong the length of the tan...! I always recommend that my client moisturises well between tans, but I never mention oil at all... Can anyone help me out with the science of this? Why does it take the tan off so well? I'm intrigued!!! And I will definitely be trying it myself after the weekend, I always have a nightmare trying to get my tan off!!!
  8. carlabarbie
    I too thought oil would help prolong the tan!!! (I am not a spray tanner btw, I just have them regularly)

    So what high street type moisturisers would people recommend? I always use Soap & Glory The Righteous Butter, but would this have oil in it?

    What about shower gel? Oooh! :eek:
  9. sians
    I find the oil dosent help strip my tan at all.. just makes my skin silky and keep tan lasting longer. Im finding swimming the best reslut for getting tan off.. I usuall have the hottest bath use flannel and scrub wen i get out bath find the tan does come off alot with dry towel in bitty skin bits oviously not my skin but brown and the tan.
    Sometimes I wonder why I bother having tans because they so hard work to get off!
    There has gota be a solution invented where it strips it completly.
  10. jackie b
    I agree, i hate it when my spray tan starts to break up and resembles snake skin, very attractive. Would have liked to have worn a dress or skirt today but have been unable to get 10 day old tan off backs off legs and wont have another spray tan until completely clear.
    Sometimes i think that they're harder work than good old fashioned cream fake tan!.
    Jackie B
  11. Nail Love
    Im not a beautician, but funnily enough, whilst reading an old magazine, whilst sat in Doc's surgery yesterday, I read potato skins immediately removed fake tan!!!! Then whil;st at home last night, a friend came round and asked if i had any potatoes cos she needed to remove fake tan!!! how bizarre is that? never heard of it before then twice in one day :) Dunno if this helps, but let me know :))
  12. *sarah*
    well tried it did the trick and also helped get the tan off my feet after my tan as my friend had mucked up a heel on me was awful looking but the oil got it off :D xx
  13. collin
    Yey well all ready now for the next spray tan...just make sure you remove all excess oil from the skin :hug:
  14. *sarah*
    Had it on thursday, looked perfect for 2 days then I got the cracked skin effect on my legs again :cry: I have no idea what is causing this, what should i be using in the way of body washes and moisturisers, oil free moisturiser is not moisturising enough and bought some kids body wash from tesco the only one I could find that did'nt have sls etc but may contain oil dunno! have been looking on internet for products but cant find any :eek: xx
  15. Violet Star
    Mine ocassionaly goes like this and mostly when were having really hot weather i think the sweat in our pores causes the tan to break down and give the snake skin look. I hate it but i do find it doesnt do this when the weather isnt hot
  16. number1kitty
    Avoid using spray tans with Fragrance in them or Alcohol. These are very irritating to the skin and will cause seperation and premature drying of the cells in the stratum corneum. The shrinkage of these cells due to moisture loss exposes the lower level of skin that is untouched by tanning.

    Try to use tan solutions that are very hydrating or hydrate your skin with a water based moisturiser twice a day for three days before your next tan.

    Kate x
  17. *sarah*
    Thanks Kate looks like I'm going to have to as this cracked skin look is horrid! thought it was just mine but friend uses fake bake (we spray each other) and her legs are going the same! only problem is I like xen tan because it has olive undertones so no orangyness as I am so pale but love a dark tan :) does anyone know of a tan which has the same properties but with no fragrance etc as Kate has mentioned xx
  18. number1kitty
    BeauBronz is super for dry skin, they have an exfoliator you spray on first which hydrates the skin, the tans are alcohol and fragrance free and then you spray over this with a moisturiser, so whilst the tan develops its hydrating not dehydrating.

    I use two other ranges too, a bit lower priced that also are similar and hypoallergenic. These are Aviva Labs and Puri-Tan.

    Look for products that have no more than 15 ingrediants and you will see a huge difference! I have eczema and have to be very very careful whats on my skin or I break out in it.

    Theres lots of products designed now for skin health in mind and I think many companies are coming around to this.

    I only have ever used the above three, fake bake, xen tan, classic tan and fantasy tan oh and heavenly tan so I cannot comment on other products on the market as I do not know much about them ~ Sorry!

    Kate x
  19. nikki201
    What a great thread! I love salon geek.. I have all the problems with tan yous have mentioned and have found all your info really interesting and also a little reassuring. Its good to know im not the only one walking around with the snake look lo lol.. but does anyone know of any good moisturisers out there for preventing this? i cannot live without being spray tanned but hate the wearing off!!! and yes someone should defo defo DEFO invent a product to erase all tan from the body!! and i also agree chlorine from the swimming pool takes tan off a treat.. I found it very upsetting when it took my 1day old fake bake tan off.. lol lol went in pool golden brown came out blue/white :lol:
  20. instantspraytan
    Oh i need to try the baby oil! I'm all patchy just now and need a spray before the weekend!

    thanks x

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