How to get work experience in a beauty salon?

Discussion in 'Business' started by amber5, Nov 27, 2009.

  1. amber5
    I really want to get some work experience to make totally sure this is the career for me: how would be best to do that?
    If you own your own salon, how would you want work experience people to approach you?
  2. spraytangeek
    Why dont you write a letter to your local salons telling them about yourself and why you are interested.
  3. amber5
    d'you think that would be better than just ringing?
  4. BABSann
    The best approach would be to call all local salons and say basically what you have said on here.There will be lots of salons desperate for a saturday girl at this time of year and during the summer as most are very busy with the xmas run up.
    You obviously wont be able to do treatments but you can do reception,make the refreshments,help set the treatment room up,clean and when there is any free time watch a few treatments(as long as the client doesn't mind)
    We had a girl who started off as work experience through her school and is now a saturday girl.Good luck.:hug:
  5. amber5
    Thank you -I'm gonna go through the yellow pages and start ringing round. Should I just say my piece, or ask for the manager first?
  6. kylieb
    I would hand out your CV to all of the salons you would want to work in.Address it to the manager. You could possibly get a job out of it so make sure you chose a salon that you would want to work in.
    I got my job from work experience. I know some salons are reluctant to take you due to insurance reasons.
    Good luck hun xxx
  7. kylieb
    Yes definitely huni!!! If you ring up then your going to get through to a receptionist who may not take your details. Address your letter to the manager. I know my manager always keeps peoples details incase someone leaves, is off sick or just needs cover xxx
  8. TheBack&Beyond
    Agree! Even better would be a quick call to the salon first saying that you have a letter to send to the manager and ask who you should address it to.

    Personally, I feel that post addressed to "Manager" is junkmail! Address it to me and you've got my attention! Harsh perhaps, but it's a cruel world I'm afraid! Good Luck! hth? Jason.
  9. BABSann
    Be ready to receive an answer machine message Amber rather than speaking to a receptionist.A lot of salons don't have receptionists so rehearse your speach first.Make it short and clear.Especially the phone number.Ask for the manager or owner to call back.If asked for a Cv ask who to adress it to rather than to the manager.Have a CV already written out so you can pop in post ASAP.Have any questions you want to ask at the ready.Good luck cherub xx:hug:

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