How to terminate self employed stylists

Discussion in 'Business' started by Kate1982, Apr 3, 2011.

  1. Kate1982
    I have both employed and self employed people in my salon. I am wanting to terminate a contract for a self employed stylist but not sure about how to do it. I'm pretty sure I don't have to go through the oral and written warnings etc but can I just terminate her no matter the reason. Ie. Too many complaints. The contact is a standard 2 weeks notice to be given. So do I just make her aware that she is to vacate by the end of the 2 weeks?
  2. naughtienix
    Hi, even self employed workers should have some form of contract and so you should include notice details in that. That way this situation can be avoided.
  3. Kate1982
    Hi sorry perhaps I didn't explain correctly. They do have a contract but what I am asking is do I have to go through the warning stages like with employed. I don't think I do but can't find anywhere that I can confirm this with. The HMRC and business link don't cover it.
    I had a self employed stylist who was texting my clients asking them to go to her house for cut price treatments. She had told them she had 5 kids and couldn't afford to pay her mortgage!! I was shown texts from 2 clients who were embarrased to be approached and didn't think she was being fair. I popped a letter through her letter box telling her not to come back. I fully explained the reasons why she was not being given any notice. Even if it was an employed member of staff I would ask them to leave immidiately and if need be pay them off. Once you have told someone they have to leave they are not what you want in your workplace.
  5. persianista
    Self employed stylists have no dismissal protection. Just write a letter terminating her contract in the number of weeks notice that is in your contract. You don't need to specify why, nor do you need to follow disciplinary procedure.
  6. muddi
    yes as persianista says, just write a letter to give them their notice.. all you have to write is something along the lines of

    Dear Blah blah

    As of today (put in the date) I am giving you 2 weeks (or whatever the contract states) notice of termination of contract. Your last working day in the salon will be (put whatever date it will be)

    Yours sincerely

    blah blah

    and thats all you have to put x HTH's x
  7. Kate1982
    Thank you very much. That's what I thought but I have not had to do it before and didn't want to get it wrong.
    Gotta love this site.
  8. endless
    The cheek of these people!!!??

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