How to use Galvanic machine

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Kowhai, Oct 22, 2010.

  1. Kowhai
    Hi guys.... I am new to this forum. I just bought a galvanic machine. Some tutorial says the pole that is held by client needs to be wrapped in wet cloth and other tutorial says the pole can be held without anything (ie. skin - metal direct). Which one is correct?

    Also, some says baking soda solution needs to be applied to the treated skin, other says specific galvanic gel before any skin serum. Which one is correct?

    If anyone knows about how to operate galvanic machine, please please share.....

    Thanks a lot!!!!
  2. fozzyo
    Galvanic machines can make a huge difference to a facial treatment, they can also cause a lot of damage ... electrical burns etc.

    If you are planning on using a Galvanic machine you must seek professional training. Not sure of the situation in NZ, but I would guess that without it no insurance company there would cover you for any problems arising from the equipment.

    Also, different machines will work differently so you need to contact the manufacturer.

  3. J.Victoria
    Are you trained to use a galvanic machine?
  4. photoqueen
    I believe this forum is for professionals, I haven't gone through years of training and years of practice to pass this onto home users.
  5. bombini
    I agree with Mat.

    Do not use this machine unless you have had training and if you have, then I suggest you do a refresher as you don't sound confident enough to carry out the treatment.

    Don't want to sound harsh but your post is worded in a way that sounds like you have no knowledge of the machine.
  6. nettynoodles
    It is indeed a wonderful treatment but in the wrong hands can be dangerous for clients.

    As stated by others before in this thread you MUST be qualified!! I would strongly advise against proceeding any further until you have some professional training

    Lecturer in Beauty Therapy Levels 1 - 3
  7. LoUiSe_EvE
    Galvanic facials are an excellent treatment however you need to be properly qualified to carry them out, as there is a risk of galvanic and thermal burns. We dont do all of this training for nothing!! Sorry to sound harsh but it does sound as if you have no training.

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