How to use NSI cover gel?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by roxiee, Sep 17, 2012.

  1. roxiee

    I'm a new nail technician. I have a client that has imperfections in her natural nails. I bought the NSI cover pink gel, so I could hide her imperfections. How do I go about it? I don't need to make the nail bed longer, just hide imperfections.

    I've seen that some people use cover gels with reverse application. But on NSI website, they used the cover gel all over the nail and then just applied brush on french white on top of the cover gel. Here's a link to that:

    Can I use this technique with nail enchansements or is it just for overlays?
    Also can I use Body Builder Bright white on top or is that too thick?
    Could I just apply thin lock in layer with clear gel, apply a thin layer of cover pink to all over the nail, apply the white gel and then build with clear gel? Is that completely wrong?

    She's coming for rebalancing/refill soon. What to do?

    I hope you can understand my english! Thanks!
  2. Nails<3
    I clear tip the nail, apply the cover gel over the entire nail including tip then I use either brush in French white or shellac to create the white x
  3. roxiee
    Thank you for your answer! The cover pink is not going to show through the white?

    I will try this out. Does anyone else have any suggestions?
  4. Emily Case
    The cover pink doesn't show through the brush on french white but sometimes I have to paint the white on in 2 very thin layers to make it completely opaque :)

    Another way I like to use the cover pink is to apply clear tips/forms and sculpt your white (or just use white tips) then butt the cover pink up to that. Any dips in the enhancement I go over with clear builder, then finish clear.

  5. chihuahua-lover
    you could have a look on nail angel which is an NSI run site lots of videos on there including what each gel can be used for, and which shades of gel are suitable for various nail beds and tips. If the answers you want arent in the videos you can post a question to the NSI embassadors on the forum.

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