Hymns/songs for my nans funeral

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Curzy, Oct 14, 2005.

  1. Curzy
    My nan passed away on Wednesday afternoon. She was 86 year old.

    We are currently arranging her funeral but are really stuck for hymns or songs to sing at her funeral.

    She never had any particular interest but loved going out to her OAP clubs before she got ill a few years ago.

    Does anyone know of any nice hymns which we could sing at her funeral. I dont want anything to down beat and a lot of hymns I have found on the internet have very sollem words. I would like something more on the positive side.

    Any suggestions would be gratefully received.
  2. kateyork1
    My grandad's fave was the lord's my shepherd - we sang that at his babes he would have been 85 this year. HTH's
  3. Sassy Hassy
    Well you need hymns that are really well known otherwise you'll have an embarrassing mumbling session. The vicar should be able to give you some ideas. The Lord's My Shpeherd is well known. I love Dear Lord and Father of Mankind, it was my school hymn and holds many memories for me. The best well known one is Jerusalem, but not sure if it's okay for a funeral.
  4. *JOANNE*
    morning has broken.
    that is more of an upbeat one
    or eternal father strong to save
    o god our help in ages past
    make me a channel of your peace.
    there the hymns we had at my mums funeral
    and not a hymn but said everything was "days" we had it by the kinks but kirsty macoll sung it too.
    "thank you for the days, those endless days those sacred days you gave me,
    i'm thinking of the days i wont forget a single day believe me, i bless the light , i bless the light that shines on you believe me. days i remember all my life days when you cant see wrong from right.you took my heart and then i knew that pretty soon you'de leave me"....its a lovely song and not a depressing song...if you can get hold of it listen to it its alovely song....
    sorry getting all mordlin now but hope it gives you some ideas
  5. dee
    we had neilsons 'without you' at my mums funeral, coz it was one of her favourite songs, i think its nice to have songs that the person liked, mind you i do think it makes you cry more (i could start just thinking about it:cry: )i am useless with hymn so cant help there, hth
    sending you big hugs :hug: , i know what an horrendus time it is , lots of love dee xxxx
  6. scattyfox
    Morning has broken or amazing grace, the lords my shepherd or jerasulem are all well known hymns. I think nowdays though you can have any type of music, did your nan have a favourite that she used to dance to maybe a nice waltz or something.

    Sorry to hear she passed away nicky keep your chin up girl be thinking of you babes.
  7. Newgirl

    Sorry to hear your nan passed away :hug: .
    I like..... 'Make me a chanel of thy peace' not sure if that is the correct title! but it is a beautiful hymn.

    With Love
  8. cuticles
    Make me a channel of my peace was a favourite of my mum's too so we had this when my dad died. 6 months later when my sister was getting married, my mum suggested this as one of her wedding hymms and couldn't understand why my sister started crying!!! There is a lovely recording with Sinaed O'Connor.

  9. Jen Smith
    The Lords My Shepherd is my all time favorite, we had this at my step fathers funeral and at my wedding... when ever I hear it I end up with tears streaming ... brings back lots of sad and very happy memories all rolled into one.

    Sorry to hear about your Gran passing away Nicky .... My sympathies to you and your family hun.
  10. kittenclaws
    i had this hymn at my wedding and it was lovely,
    sorry i cant think of any hymn's but im thinking of you and your family hun
  11. Liana
    So sorry to hear your nan has died. I don't know of any appropriate songs as I have only been to one funeral and that was in my early teens. Sincerest sympathy for you and your family.


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