Hypocrites betting on the Grand National

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Mobile Manicure, Apr 5, 2014.

  1. Mobile Manicure
    And you know this because the profiteers have told you so. Ugh.
  2. MissLease
    Also, while we're on the topic, I hate seeing horses being ridden by police officers at riots and football matches ect. Using a horse to intimidate a crowd, or just to give a wider view and use them for your own protection, with no care for the horses welfare disgusts me. What age are we living in where we still have to use horses for 'war'?!
  3. Helengrace000
    If horses don't enjoy it they wouldn't do it? I don't see them being asked or having a choice. They're taught to expect pain if don't run fast enough. If they don't do it they're whipped harder.
  4. LocksOfLove
    Whips used in racing are specifically made to slap not sting or cut... Most of the time in races you see the jockey bringing it forward he's not actually hitting the horse but bringing it the horses sight, there are also rules on when and how a jockey uses a whip. They're rules on what it's made off to make sure they're safe to use... I know many people that work with horses and help my MIL on a regular basis if you hit it (not saying they do) it will hurt you a lot more then the horse. If it hurt the horse they would be scared of the jockey when they mount or dismount but they're not.. They would shy away and kick up a fuss, but they don't.
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  5. hazeleyes
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  6. Mobile Manicure
    I wish I had a whip. Quite a few people I'd like to whip some sense into.

    How fabulous, they're made to "slap, not sting or cut". Well that makes it alright then. I'll let hubby know that he can use it for slapping only.

    Can't you see yourself how ridiculous this sounds?

    "Rules, rules, rules". We all know they're NEVER broken, don't we?
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  7. Helengrace000
    I don't know why horses don't shy away or kick up a fuss. It's an interesting point. But I'm pretty sure this doesn't necessarily mean they want to race and be whipped, although they probably don't know any different? And so it's not a case of wanting to or not? I don't know how horses think but I will always believe that horse racing is a cruel "sport".
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  8. sarahpoppy24
    Just wondering if any of you guys eat meat? Not being sarcastic just wondering as there was a really intersteting thread on it ages ago about the treatment of animals in slaughterhouses. I'm not getting into the rows about it again as it always gets too heated and would rather have debates face to face nowadays as over here things can go sour but you guys may be intersted to look it up you can easily Look via google xxxx
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  9. Mobile Manicure
    That's a whole different subject that needs a new thread. One I'm quite happy to partake in should it arise. Let's stick to the Grand National and horse racing on this one.
  10. sarahpoppy24
    Yeah I know there was a big thread on it ages ago, just thaught some animal campaigners etc may be intersted to look it up x
  11. MissyMuffin
    Mans tendency for cruelty to any animal is abhorrent.
    For every species we have a rescue centre.
    Donkeys on the beach break my heart, camels for riding on holiday brought a lump to my throat. I cried once when I saw a parrot that had plucked it's own feathers out in stress.
    I hate the elitist attitude of the horsey set, even their packs of dogs seem wrong to me.
    We non of us can say what an animal thinks or feels.
  12. babychops
    I'm abit 50/50 on this subject. In one way I don't think it's cruel because they are born and bred to do it so they are used to it, and they get treated really well (what iv heard). But I can understand the other way because I don't like it when they whip them as I think they're hurting them. So I don't know lol x
  13. Helengrace000
    I haven't eaten red meat since I was 6, gave up chicken about 2-3 years ago. So at the moment I am eating fish. I never wanted to be one of those "vegetarians who eat fish" but have ended up like that! Although I would like to give that up too.

    My boss at work is all for against animal cruelty but eats every animal under the sun. Does annoy me a bit when he has a go at people for visiting zoos but then talks about eating animals. I know eat fish but I dont (usually!) preach about stuff like this!
  14. Helengrace000
    Sorry already replied before you wrote this. Agreed is a different subject and a whole different can of worms.
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  15. tonicj
    Surely whipping the poor horse to make it run faster says it all! Being a huge animal lover myself, this has always upst me as does using horses in battle scenes in films! They must be terrified! These beautiful animals have feelings and feel pain but sadly can't tell us.
    The hunt, which still goes on is another thing that I find disgusting! Heartless, pompous so called people out to have fun at the expense and pain of some poor animal.
  16. MissyMuffin
    On a lighter note, I live in a village and there's a lot of horses and riders round here.
    I think the big fat woman who rides her poor plodding horse past my window should be done for cruelty. It's sagging in the bloody middle, poor horse!
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  17. LocksOfLove
    Did you know when you eat a cow they are stunned with an electric shock to the head and then their necks slit and hung upside down to bleed to death? Think about that next time you tuck into a burger. A whip is nothing.
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  18. tonicj
    I can't disagree with you on that one LocksOfLove! This too is upsetting xx
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  19. Mobile Manicure
    Okay, so slaughtering an animal (once) for food is not okay but whipping a horse continuously year upon year for fun is. I'm so glad you've cleared that up.

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