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  1. multiclient
    Hello guys! There are not many swatches on IBD JUST GEL POLISH, which is an amazing gel polish and have great range of colors. I am starting this thread in order to post as many swatches as i can, please join me here!

    1. Naturally Beautiful
    2. Juliet
    3. Funny Bone
    4. She's blushing
    5. Serendipity
    6. Gerber Daisy
    7. Parisol
    8. All Heart
    9. Mango Mischief
    10. Marigold
    11. Bing Cherries
    12. Molly
    13. Raindrops
    14. Iceberg
    15. Jupiter's Blue
    19. Orly GelFx Prisma Gloss Silver
    20. All that Glitters

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  2. kawaiinailart
    Awesome i'll add my swatches soon as i figure out how to add pics. I love just gel as do my clients :)

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  3. multiclient

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  4. multiclient
    ibd just gel polish

    13. Raindrops
    14. Iceberg
    15. Jupiter's Blue

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  5. multiclient

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  6. multiclient

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  7. Bettierae
    Not a swatch, I'm a gelish girl through and through, but the ibd are just fab! These were done using ibd just gel colours :) x

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  8. MaisyMouse
    These are great thanks for posting them, I am thinking of trying ibd, I love how they have brought out some mini matching nail polish colours.

    How do people find it when it comes to removal?
  9. jadeey
    I sometimes find removal quite hard as the base coat really doesn't budge but that might be my cold hands x

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  10. multiclient
    I use to buff the surface with a 180 grit file, then i apply IBD wipes dipped in a OPI Expert touch remover (it is very gentle though powerfull), cover with a piece of foil and wait for 15 minutes. Gel comes off in flakes. I only have a problem with their Power bond, it stays put after soaking and you have to buff to remove it.
  11. MaisyMouse

    Thanks, is the power bond the primer you use under the base coat?
  12. Katinara
    Yes, it's a primer. Special for Just gel polish
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  13. Pixie28
    Here are my swatches I have. I have recently moved over from Gelish to IBD and I love it! I already had 3, but bought all the others at Olympia this weekend lol :biggrin:

    1.Sand Dune
    2.Amethyst Surprise
    5.Turtle Bay
    6.Jupiter Blue
    7.Blue Haven
    9.Cosmic Red
    11.Seashell Pink and Whipped cream (French colours)
    12.Mocha Pink
    13.Funny Bone (MY FAV!)
    14.Tickled Pink
    15.Peony Bouquet

    This is a great thread, as I need some inspiration for some new colours!!

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  14. MaisyMouse
    The colours look lovely, can I ask what made you switch from gelish to ibd? Also has anyone tried the matching polishes yet, what are they like??

    I really wanted to see them at professional beauty but they are not going to be there:irked:
  15. me2u
    I love this thread :)
    I've got 27 IBD just gel colours..I've already got my shopping list for more colours.
    I love all the colours also with the look fab with mica powders :)
  16. Pixie28
    Well I didn't want to use Gelish anymore as I found out they test on animals :(

    I also use Shellac but wanted a proper gel to offer alongside it. I am loving all my new colours!!
    I already had 3 Just Gels and found that they lasted soooo much longer than other brands I had. So at Olympia I spoke to them and found out they don't test and I invested in a started kit. I also got their fab offer for the first 50 people at the stand on sunday and monday - Free kit worth about £80!!!:biggrin: (I managed to get 2! :eek:)
  17. amurphy105
    Turtle bay over Jupiter or Blue is super pretty!

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  18. MaisyMouse
    The reason too I have ditched gelish. I was happy to find out ibd don't. I have phoned the rep so she is going to come and show me them. I too have shellac.

    Lucky you getting the kit :lick:
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  19. Secrets
    Have any of u had problems with early lifting or chipping just from the new August 2012 colours? Like iceberg, my babe etc x
  20. me2u
    I haven't any problems but I haven't got any of them colours

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