Ideas for Salon Names?????

Discussion in 'Chit Chat' started by Leece, Mar 11, 2006.

  1. Leece
    Having trouble thinking off a name for my mobile nail business.

    just wondering how every1 came up with theirs?
    If you have a search on here for business names, there have been lots of suggestions. I can't remember how I chose mine but I know I had plenty of help from other geeks.
  3. Leece
    ther's some good 1's

    how did every1 decide theirs?
  4. clairegiz
    Yeah its hard trying to find a name thats unique in this business & without it being too 'cheesey' aswell. Usually good names just pop into your head dont they when your just walking down the street or watching TV or something. I should think you're gonna get loads of suggestions from all us geeks.
    Erm let me think.. Hard as Nails, One Stop Nail Shop, Top Tips
  5. Leece
    I Usuall Y Think Of Good Things When I'm Just Walking Around And Then The Time I Get Home And Get A Pen And Paper- I 4got Em.

    Hopeless I Am
  6. bubbabinks
    Tip top nails, tip2toe, tip-toe nails.
    Do you want a catchy name or sophisticated?
    Do you want a name that you could transfer to a salon if you ever went down that route?
    Do you want your name in it?

    My mum tried to convince me to have chip and polish, sounded like a car place to me!
  7. Leece

  8. geeg
    One Stop Nail Shop is registered and off limits so I wouldn't go there.

    Use your IMAGINATION .... and let the thousands of suggestions on this site inspire you to think of your own. Goodness knows, there have been so many threads where peeps have asked for names ... they must give you some inspiration.
    Will it be just a nail shop or will you be offering other treatments?
  10. shell 22
    someone suggested to me designer digits
    fabulous fingers
    nails r us
    fingers and toes

    i dont know if they are any good:wink2:
  11. Carmen
    What I did to come up with mine was grab a pen and paper and just write down everything that comes to mind. Use a little word play and brainstorm as much as you can. If I were you, I wouldn't want someone to help me name my business or give me the ideas as I would almost feel like I was stealing the name. I say just go with your gut instincts and don't put pressure on yourself. It will come to you eventually.

    Also, as Geeg mentioned there have been TONS of threads on this. Do a search and maybe something will trigger a name for you.

    All the best,
  12. ic3qu33n
    how abt this name for ur shop --->secret garden for ur nails
  13. Leece
    thanks every1 for all your ideas.
    i got loads written done.

    only trouble now is :-
    trying to choose 1 from the 20 i got.

    this should be fun.


    thanks again
  14. xtremities
    I am just about to relocate.

    My business has been called Nothing But Nails for the last 6 years, but I am changing it to Xtremities soon, as i will be doing waxing as well.

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