Indian head massage when pregnant?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by kylieb, Feb 26, 2009.

  1. kylieb
    Hi all

    Thought this would be the best place to ask this as I am not sure.

    As some of you know, I start my course in Indian head on Tuesday.
    I like to be prepared and am just starting to sort out clients for my case studies.

    My sister is desperate to be one of these clients but she is nearly 7 months pregnant.

    My question is, will she be able to have this treatment and if so are there anythings that should be avoided when preforming this treatment on a pregnant client?

    Advice would be muchly appreciated, thanks guys xxx
  2. kylieb
    Anyone? lol
  3. weezie
    I was told in my training that it is one of those treatments that is completely safe for everyone. The only thing would be to make sure the client is comfortable and if you are using essential oils to avoid those advised against in pregnancy. :hug: You will be told all this on your course though.
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  4. little_devil867
    I was told in my training that it was a complete no no for some one to have an indian head massage when pregnant. I would speak to your trainer about it as she may just advise to leave parts out of it.

    Hope that helps and good luck with your course.
  5. weezie
    This is very strange as it contradicts everything I was told! What bits were you told to leave out and why? :hug: I would think it is especially good for anyone who gets headaches during pregnancy (once they have checked there is no medical cause) as they would not be able to take medication.
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  6. kylieb
    Thank you ladies. I didnt think it would be a problem as long as she doesnt have high blood pressure and it will help her headaches as she is getting them regular now.
    I'll ask my tutor, I only have to wait until Tues and i'll let you know what she says xxx
  7. little_devil867
    I was told to leave out the pressures points across the shoulders as it can cause a miscarriage. Things might have changed since I did my training and more research done into it. I did my training about 5 years ago.

    I'd be interest to know that your tutor says on it Kylieb.
  8. kylieb
    I'll let you know on tuesday hun xxx
  9. kylieb
    Right apparently there is no link to miscarrage by pregnant people having an indian head massage.
    My tutor said that she will not treat women under 3 months as this is the most common time gap of when people misscarry.
    She said that people will look to what they have done differently and may put the blame on you. Some therapists then decide not to do it altogether.
    Think she seems to know what she is talking about as she has written quite a few books on the subject and are available for therapists/colleges to buy xxx
  10. Kayleighs Nail & Beauty Studio
    i got taught at college not to do anyone who is in there first 3months as it can be dangerous xxxx
  11. kylieb
    Dont you think it is so annoying when you get told so many different things?
    Out of interest hun, why did they tel you it was dangerous?

    I think the best bet is to check with who ever insures us. Might give them a call tomorrow xxx
  12. jcpark
    Gallbladder 21 (midway along shoulders) is contraindicated during pregnancy, so yes, avoid if you use this in IHM. I don't use it in the IHM routine I use, but do in acupressure treatments.

    The reason people avoid doing massage (apart from not being insured for it) is that the pregnancy is not yet established. In the sad event of a miscarriage, it is understandable that they would look for reasons as to what caused it.
  13. eden_beauty
    Hi so does this apply with Normal swedish massage as i have a client 9 months pregnant and she wants a neck and shoulder and upper back massage? I always thought as did others that first 3 months is a no no but after that all is fine for all types of massage?? Help! Should i do this massage?
  14. jcpark
    Personally, I feel that if you are going to massage pregnant women you should do a course in pregnancy massage. Yes, the first three months are when the pregnancy is established so much more unstable, and I think unless you have had specific training most will exclude pregnancy in the first three months. There are certain pressure points that are contraindicated during pregnancy so not all massages are safe.

    The bottom line is that you should only treat within the training and capabilities you have - if treating pregnant women was included in your massage course, then good, but I would also check your insurance.

    Edited to add:
    If she is 9 months pregnant there are a number of things to take into account. How will she lay on the couch? and what contraindications are there in late pregnancy that may be affected by massage and what problems are encountered in late pregnancy and how will your treatment address these. These are the things that would be covered in a pregnancy massage course.
  15. sweetie
    Ive been doing indian head massage for three years and i wouldn't advise it. No way should this be done within the first three months, it can be done in the third trimester if there are no complications with the pregnancy but this treatment could leave your client with dizzy spells and some of the pressure points may not be safe. But really all holistic treatments carried out on pregnant women, the therapist should have the right qualifications for.
  16. kylieb
    I have got her to get a letter off her G.P and he has advised it is fine. Thank you all for your help :) xxx
  17. minitherapy
    Indian head massage can be done but not within the first 3 months and also further on in pregnancy pressure points should be avoided. also any movements on the ears should be avoided as this is a direct like with hte foetus in reflexology and can possibly make the client go into labour. although this is a proven fact i would just stear clear and just keep everything quite light. ur lecturer should give you some good advice when you start tho :lol: x
  18. bombini
    Ive read this thread with interest and would definetly agree with the poster that mentioned if your not trained in pregnancy massage then don't attempt it.

    With regards to Indian Head massage although Ive not had one whilst pregnant I did want one in my first trimester and was told by every therapist that I called that it was a complete no-no (due to the miscarriage element of things I guess) and them not wanting to risk it.

    There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice within beauty therapy on the treatment of pregnant women as some people will say you can't use pressure points at all and others only in certain areas etc. I have clocked up quite a few pregnancy massages since being pregnant (none of those in 1st trimester as again wouldn't treat me) and some of them have avoided deep kneading, pressure points etc and others have included them.

    When I did my ante natal class the midwife said that pressure points and deep movements should be avoided for sure around the trapezius area, id never heard that before, ever, so it just goes to show everyone has different information.

    I also went for a Dermalogica facial and I had to tell the therapist NOT to use the facial oils and pressure points on my face in treatment as she didn't know !!! Even though its all covered in the training :eek:

    Anyway ive gone off track a bit now and I know your question has been resolved now but just wanted to throw my opinion in to lol

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