IPL hair removal machine - is it worth buying?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by leni, Jan 26, 2007.

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  1. beautychick3010
    Hey honey,
    i've taken on the Diamond IPL in January, risky i know but i have all their other machines and their IPL is the best yet!! my main concern apart from the outlay was if it was safe or not? Its the only machine made for the beauty therapist, only goes upto 30 joules which means you cant do damage or burn anyone! they have a concentrated saphire lens so actually get results with the machine at 30 whereas others dont!
    It was a great price too, about £14,000 I paid and I've almost paid 3/4 off already. my clients love it and the skin rejuvenation is amazing. it comes with 4 heads, hair removal, skin rejuv, red vein and pigmentation which i love as they are all specific and i think thats why it works so well
    check them out
    Diamond International Pty Ltd - Leaders in aesthetic technology
  2. allyballybee
    I purchased an Ellipse IPL machine in June. I done a lot of research into IPL and was very impressed with Ellipse. I am so pleased I took the plunge and the machine has just about paid for itself already.

    Before taking the machine on, I had two different visiting specialists, one that worked with a Naturalux machine and the other a Chromogenex. The results from these machines is nowhere near as the results we are getting with the Ellipse. The clients have been more than happy with the treatments and they seem to need a lot less than with the other machines.

  3. hannah85
    Don't trust crystal medical as it's a scame company.... Email me for more details.
    H x
  4. paris1940
    hi i was looking into crystal medical as i saw them at the beauty show and i saw them in proffessional beauty magazine please can you let me know how they scamed you as dont want the same ? and any ideaon good ipl and laser machines in good price range with rental x
  5. wibbles
    Hello all, Great IPL machines to buy world wide are sonic B3, AUD$9990 or larger machine YA3 AUD$19990 located in australia. Hope this helps.
  6. Julie60
    Hi guys, I have invested in a Pulsar microdermabrasion machine which cost me £3500. I am no longer working due to health issues and would like to sell it on. If anyone is interested, please let me know. I thought a fair price would be £2750 as it has hardly been used. However, please contact me and we can discuss it. Thanks.
  7. becky lay
    Please tell me more..i nearly bought from them but i've found it so hard contacting them!
  8. jamieskinner
    I have gotten great succes with my home IPL unit ( Home page) Its totaly pain free, and cost like a quarter of the price of going to the clinic, or having to get laser electrolysis ( which i had and was very painful)

    I have done 4 treatments on my legs so far, and i have not had regrowth in 6 months now. im very pleased, but it really depends on what your skin & hair tone are like, If you have to dark of skin it won't work, and if your hair is very dark and corse it will have a longer and more difficulty time getting rid of the hair. But i d sugest it , its not as dangerous as laser, and the home machine on the market today are very very good, and relatively cheap!
  9. jamieskinner
    Hi all. im new to the forum, but i saw this post, and just wanted to let you know that the Vissbeauty home IPL ( Home page ) is a fantastic product, i saw results after 3 treatments and after 4 i have had zero re-growth on my legs in 6 months, which is absolutely amazing.. its mind blowing!. super fast shipping when i bought it, and the cartridges last 4000 flashes which is more that Silkn that only has 750 flashes, so basically i still have not had to replace the light cartridge and i have used it ALL over my body. Anyways thought i should let you know! definitely worth the 545!
  10. crystaltash
    Does anybody else have experience of using the Viss IPL machine? Seems too good to be true at the price they are offering!
  11. vicks
    Reading the thread and responding to who needs laser training, I have done IPL training and Core of knowledge training with a company called
    Really brilliant, did core of knowledge online and booked IPL 1 to 1.
    They even provided me with a laser machine at a very good price.
    I know how expensive these laser machines are!!! But it works a treat and I get it serviced from them too.
    Really brilliant company and very friendly staff. I would recommend them to anyone!!!
    They contacted me for teeth whitening too!! Thinking of adding that onto my business. Going through the process of training with them for that.
    Definitely a good business to go into I would say.
    Give them a try and defo give IPL/Core of knowledge a go!! Cant go wrong.
  12. Extrovert
    Pulsar can be a nightmare getting hold of the right person however their machine is by far one of the very best in the world x
  13. CTHolistic
    Hey, i work for a company specialized in IPL and other laser based treatments. I use our machine each day as a therapist. I am now concidering buying one of the machine to start my own business as i can clearly see what a great investment it is...very lucrative. i suggest you enquire with different companies and ask them to demo it on you so you can see it works. They should always welcome you as they shouldnt expect you to buy something without trying ! Maybe come and visit one of our clinics to have a complimentary treatment and get more of an idea of what it does... while shopping around of course ! Any questions just ask !
    Hope this helps ! Caroline ( the company is called skinfirst by the way !):)
  14. florj
    hello. may i ask how much an ipl machine cost? ellipse, palomar, pulsar, or any of the good brands..
  15. Zelda
    We use a couple of IPL machines at our salon by Active 2001, they are great! We can get them in VAT free so if anyone is interested please get in touch. Selda_seyfi@hotmail.com, 07841568874 x
  16. lorynelizabeth
    Hi All,

    I read a bad review from one person earlier in this thread about Crystal Medical saying they are a 'rip off' company. Has anyone hired equipment from them?

    Lynton's seem to be the company of choice here to rent from but unfortunately they don't have any machines available in my area :cry:

    Does anyone else have any recommendations of reputable companies offering good product support? I'm getting no where fast on my google searches!

    Thanks in advance!

  17. rachaelwesson
    Hi Lauren

    I know, google can get your head spinning when trying to look for a decent IPL machine, all i know is to a degree they are mostly very good Elipse and Lynton are great and so are other companies I work with SkinFirst systems and they are fantastic, we have so so many happy clients who are impressed with the treatments they receive! I love it and the machines are a little more affordable and mean you get your investment back that bit quicker.

    If you want a nosy just google us... to add to your confusion!!! :lol: I hope the info helps.

    Hope your searching goes well!

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