Is Shellac the same as Gelish

Discussion in 'Nail' started by raya, Sep 11, 2010.

  1. raya
    Trying to get back into offering Gels and was going to purchase the Gelish range but is Shellac the same? xx
  2. Rebecca J
    you would be best to do a search on both as there has been quite a few discussions on both. You may also be as well joining groups for both of them.

    It took me 2 weeks to decide which system to choose after all the reading :)
  3. Bezza
    As rebecca says. There are many many discussions covering this very question.... if you put shellac and gellish into the same search box then you'll find them all quite easily :)
  4. mizzy_dizzy
    No there not the same,
    shellac (as far as I know) is the only hybird polish .

    It is made up of acetone soluble polymers , light initiators & the solvents of a polish,
    it's also 3 free and it's hypoallergenic ,
    it's avalible in 12 of the most classic colors and you can layer it for lots more


    best of all there is no buffing to apply or remove :)
    it's a color and not am enhancement .

    As far as I know gelish is a very thin soak off
    gel ,That comes in indervidial bottles with burshes like a polish or shellac, that currently has more colors than shellac . And can be cured with a LED light .
    I don't know it's scince if it's 3free ect I did look on the site it didn't really say anything ,

    There are lots of others to now but these seem to be the main 2.
  5. shedunlop
    I would suggest that you join both Shellac lovers and Gelish lovers groups and get asking lots of questions on there, read through all the posts on them and then make a decision based on what you have read! The science is different but for the client the results are the same, a polish that lasts for at least 3 weeks, soaks off in 10 minutes max and looks as bright and shiney as the day it was put on, no wearing or chipping or peeling. Shellac has 12 colours, more due in March 2011, Gelish has 48 colours at least 24 due by the end of this year. :green:
  6. NoLimitNails
    As far as 3 free goes Gelish is 3free (I belive Georgie mentioned on another thread) but Shellac is hypoallergenic too. I use both...
  7. katiebbaby
    Hi raya just to agree with above but also add, shellac and gellish are not GELS as such, so they are not for enhancments but for natural nails.

    Just with you saying you wanted to start offering gels AGAIN,,, shellac is not a gel it's a hybrid,,there is a huge difference. xx
  8. mizzy_dizzy
    Just to confuse things though lol gelish is a soft gel, and from what I hear there is a builder gelish now :confused:
  9. katiebbaby
    ha ha lol just to confuse even more shellac is NOT a gel.,,,,,lol:hug:
  10. katiebbaby
    I think we should have a blindfold test on two geeks. Using shellac and gelish, does gelish do a close colour? or likewise?

    Would be good to see, only I am a CND gal and I love the brand 100% and will honestly say hand on heart would never use any other brand even if I did find it better (never thogh:lol:) only as I am brand faithfull iygwim.

    However I have heared good things about gelish and seems very good even though shellac and gelish are diffrent in their chemistry, would be good to do a blindfoldtest,and post pics, and guinea pigs could post and comment .

    However in hindsight If was me I have all 12 shellac colours and would spot one a mile off,,so would have to do a jo public,,mmmmm good though thogh. xxx
  11. mizzy_dizzy
    sometimes you have to try other things that are avalible , then you know your compation ;)
    I think Geeg was saying she tryed gelish ( or one of the others) I was going to see if I could get a sample nail done at olympia so I could compaire but I'm not going now lol if you are you shuld, :)
  12. katiebbaby
    ohh I've tried it, but wouldnt use it on clients, dont get me wrong nothing to do with product just I prefer shellac, I love shellac for the fact it is like a polish however gelish is more a gel,,iygwim,,howerver shellac acts like a gel so its fab.

    ohhhhh think this has been gone over and over lol:hug:
  13. nailzoo
    I think both of them are outrageously expensive and look like a price grab by both companies, I only hope there will be an alternative that wont strip me of so much money to get started.
    I already know of some salons selling Bio Sculpt as Shellac
  14. Pooh8bear
    That's strange because Bio Sculpture is even more expensive per ml than both Shellac & Gelish PUT TOGETHER!!! (I know I have worked it out already as I use Bio Sculpture) & I still want to offer all 3 systems

    Also it doesn't seem expensive when you think Chanel sell nail polish for about £14 & they are all top end products.
  15. kimi1101
    My nails last better with gelish as it seems to have a bit more "strength" in it. But it depends on what you are looking for from a productas to whether that is a plus or not.

    I find the profit margins on both products quite favourable but again thats my opinion/pricing.

    Good luck with your search x
  16. Pooh8bear
    Can be cured with LED & UV lamps.
    Yes it is 3 free. x
  17. mizzy_dizzy
    I said that LOL
  18. TweezerHappy
    Think I paid £15.95 for my last Chanel polish in Debenhams. I was ripped off! :eek:
  19. kimi1101

    you was robbed, you was!!!!!

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