Is there a massive difference between 9 and 36w lamps ???

Discussion in 'Nail' started by karenb, Feb 28, 2010.

  1. karenb
    Hi Guys

    If I only buy a 9w lamp will I get the same results as a 36w lamp ???


  2. wendy malley
    you cant cure a full hand in a 9watt so in the long run spending more on a 36 watt will pay off as it will save time
  3. ValencianNails
    It is always better to use the UV lamp that's recommended for your particular system, that way you will be guaranteed a full cure and no risk of over-exposing your clients to gel that's potentially not be fully cured. I use Creative's Brisa and the Brisa lamp is the only one that will cure it thoroughly, you will find the same thing with most mid-to-high end gel products.

    The following article will help shed some light on it for you:

    I notice on your profile that you use Creative, I'm assuming (rightly or wrongly) that you haven't had the Brisa training with Creative yet and are using their L+P products?
  4. Nailwoman

    this couldn't be more wrong.. A 9watt uv bulb is 9watt period..No matter how many you have in the lamp..

    the only reason to use a full hand 9watt 4 bulb lamp is you get a more all round cure . You get the same cure in a single 9watt bulb lamp .

    I have done gels for yrs & yrs & yrs , 100%, & only cure full hand if I have done the 5 fingers a gel that doesn't run, meaning a builder type gel or a base gel. Otherwise its just 4 fingers then do the thumbs totally seperate.

    I also ONLY use 9 watt SLI made in Uk. Not a bulb made in China.

    A single bulb lamp will serve you well, It is great lamp for doing gel on toes. Also for mobile work..

    I used to have 2 of them on my table because it was faster for me to work. . I now just use my one tunnel full hand lamp in the center of my table & use the top as my work space..

    Please check out this information at .. Its a wealth of 'correct' uv bulb & lamp information..
  5. shedunlop
    You took the words right out of my mouth!:green:
  6. yeahyeah
    im sure this is correct. there is no such thing as a "36 watt" lamp, thats just what they call them:) its still a 9 watt with 4 bulbs:)
  7. ValencianNails
    In actual fact the wattage of the lamp/bulbs tells you how much energy it uses, it is not the same as the UV output of the bulbs.

    The design of the lamp you use (especially with higher end brands) is very important, a heck of a lot of money is invested in their design etc to ensure they provide a full/complete cure of the gel you're using (from the same brand, as per my article link in my last post).

    Whether you use a 9 watt bulb or 4 x 9 watt bulbs (equalling 36 watts) is irrelevant, it's the whole package (lamp/bulbs/gel) that makes all the difference!

    Tests have been done by Doug Schoon & co on different UV bulbs, some of the lower watt bulbs gave more UV output than higher watt bulbs.
    This is why it's so very important to invest in your career.
    Use the lamp and bulbs that were intended for your gel system, take full advantage of the education offered for your gel system, make it your business to find out as much information as you can about the products you're using and you won't go far wrong :green:

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