Kids nail art party. Do you need insurance?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by nutty tart, Dec 6, 2005.

  1. nutty tart
    i want to do childrens nail art parties. I am not a nail tech but have just taught myself nail art. I have someone that wants me to do a nail art party for some 7yr olds. This will be my first one. Do I need insurance or something? What if they knock the varnish over, get it on their clothes,on the carpet or whatever. Have got a consent slip for the parents to sign on the invitations.
  2. Sassy Hassy
    HI hun. I know most insurance policies say that you have to use a floor covering whenever you do a treatment in someone elses home or you insurance is invalid for spills etc. Not sure if you could get the parents to sign a disclaimer beforehand and whether it would be valid against an insurance claim. You maybe better to phone up your insurance company to get this clarified with them - although often I have found them to be very unhelpful in these cicumstances.
  3. vicxzy
    You might find it difficult to get covered by insurance if you dont hold any certificates.:sad:

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