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Discussion in 'Nail' started by em_gclover, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. em_gclover
    Hi everyone, please can someone help me! I got my Konad set a couple of days ago and i just can not get the image to transfer onto the stamper. I have tried everything, i'm using the special polish, i'm cleaning everything in between tries, i've used the scraper straight up and at an angle (neither worked) i've sraped hard, soft, quick and slow. I have even filed my stamper to take the shine off. I'm convinced i shouldnt be having this much trouble!
    Any advice would be fantastic, thanx everyone!
    Emma x
    Have you removed the clear film on the stencils? wipe polish remover over the stamper and stencil and retry.

    Sue xx
  3. em_gclover
    hey! thanx for your reply, hmmm is there a clear film on the stencils? i have looked for one but i'll double check.
  4. glitz
    Sometimes they just take a little wearing in wipe the stamper over a few times with acetone (if you have taken the shine off it - dont file it too much you will end up with ridges) it still needs a smooth surface for the design to sit on.
    I had a film on mine, it took me awhile to see that this was my problem as to why I couldnt get an image on the stamper:eek: lol

    Sue x
  6. em_gclover
    Nope there is no film on mine :cry: my stamper is till smooth, so should i just keep wiping it with nail varnish remover?
  7. nailspirit
    When i got my Konad i applied too little polish and scraped too much so there was nothing left to transfer.
    Just apply a good amount of polish, scrape gentle and press hard and fast:lol: And You should be quite quick! Scrape and press straight away.
    I never file my stamper but i clean it (and the plate) with polish remover before every use.
    Hope it helped:hug:
  8. em_gclover
    Thanx for all your advice everyone, i'm going to give them all a go in a bit :) any more tips or hints are very much appreciated! it looked so easy in the videos i watched!
  9. zringa
    it happened to me as well but now its working. however i noticed that some desgins transfer much better on stamper than others!! Also i use gel and i dont stamp on a shiny surface as it didn't transfer so i buff the nail a bit before. good lucK:):)
  10. yeahyeah
    "I have even filed my stamper to take the shine off."
    thats your problem, youve just effectively rendered your stamper useless;) grab a new one and clean it with ONLY isopropyl alcohol, clean your scraper and image plates with acetone. you also need to "roll" the stamper over the image rather than just plop it straight down, then roll it onto the nail to transfer the image. never buff the rubber stamper or clean it with acetone or polish remover!
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  11. Mieke
    It is good indeed to not apply too much presure when you scrape the polish away. when i pick up the image i push it on the plate and make a slight rotation with my stamp in a circle keeping the same pressure when i angel the stamp. i noticed that it picks up more of the really fine designs.
    and ofcourse work quick. i always clean the plates with pure acetone.
  12. Una
    * Make sure you received genuine Konad set (plenty of fakes on the market).

    * Clean stamper & plate properly

    * You can try to put the special polish in a colder place for few hours if it's very hot were you're working. This should thicken it and viscosity should came back.

    Practice, practice & practice! :hug:
  13. Perls Beauty
    I bought a couple of stamp pads and the stamper/scraper/polish etc. a while ago and just couldn't get it to do what it said it should so gave up feeling like I'd wasted my money, which fortunately wasn't musch as I confess, it was not a genuine Konad.

    After reading this thread today, I have dug it out from the back of the trolley and I have tried again and it works beautifully!

    I used Scrubfresh to clean both the stamper and the plate and it's fab! Thanks Geeks x
  14. Sandra V.
    I had a problem with Konad when I wasn't doing it fast enough . You have to do it very quickly , the polish is drying very fast . Where does your polish stays ? On the plate or on the stampler ?

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