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Discussion in 'Nail' started by narney, Sep 19, 2011.

  1. narney
    hi all has anyone tried kooky nails, saw an ad for them but... not sure..what do you all think? many thanks in advance
  2. nicole333
    I love them. My first attempt on myself went very well and I have had no problems with them.
  3. sjk100
    I use Kookys there just as good as minx just not so well known so the more people using them the more well known they will b :)
  4. Baggybear
    Would you charge more for Minx than you do Kooky if you were to offer both services or would you charge the same price?
  5. sjk100
    I'f I was buying them at the same price I'd charge the same price, I don't charge more just for a popular brand
  6. williams1862
    I have just purchased Kooky today at olympia, was planning on buying minx as I have already done my training but they did not have the lamps at olympia :cry: they did explain why and i do understand however it did give me the incentive to look around and I purchase kooky and blixz.

    I have just applied my first set of kooky and they went on like a dream but will keep you updated as to how they wear.

    PS I will be charging the same price as I would have charged for minx they are afterall the same type of treatment :)
  7. Pink Ronnie
    I bought Kooky, Trendy and Design FX (from Dashing Divas) from Olympia so I can test them all out. Got some willing victims, or should I say volumteers :eek: lined up to test drive them this week.

    It will be interesting to hear how other peeps get on with them.
  8. littlemiss-32
    I use both kooky and minx, and have great results from both. However The one difference ive noticed is that the longer templates of the kooky allow me to do two big toes from one wrap, i sometimes struggle to do that with the shorter template of the minx. Minx have such a fantastic range of designs tho, that makes up for it for me!!

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  9. Baggybear
    I asked what you would charge in relation to Minx because of the price per wrap.

    Kooky are not that much cheaper than Minx when you work it out and personally I charge £5 less for all other wraps than I do for Minx.

    The maths means I have to rule out Kooky as a brand to use for clients, although I did buy some of their designs in for personal use and found them to be good.
  10. JuicyLucy
    I think you can concentrate on how many wraps you get on a sheet rather than how many sets you can do with a sheet. As Littlemiss 32 says, you can usually get two big toes out of one large Kooky wrap, but I have never been able to do this with the new Minx templates.

    I love Minx and use loads but it really frustrates me that I have so many leftover middle sizes. Four rather than two of the biggest size would make such a massive difference.
  11. Baggybear
    I don't work it out as how many full sets I can get because I do crystal pedicures and use the smaller wraps on the 4 small toes and crystals on the big toes or rockstar/glitter on the big toes so I do use up all the wraps on my sheets. It may take time to use them all but I dont waste any of them.

    It would be fab to have some more large wraps and a few less smaller wraps on each sheet of Minx I agree but I cant see it happening unfortunatley.

    I use Lynx & Chix and easily get 3 sets of toes from each of their sheets and then at least 1 set of small toes to match crystal or glitter big toes.

    I just find Kooky to work out to expensive to use on my clients.
  12. geeg
    Why not ? Do you know what? .. If enough people actually ask their supplier for different sizes because they are not happy then Samantha can move mountains. No good coming on a website and bleating to the masses about sizes too small or cuticle lines one may not like (which we changed because enough people asked for that change).

    ASK for what you want .. changes have been made before and they can be made again if enough people asking warrants that change.

    Customers opinions count ... so ,make you opinion heard to those that are there to listen Sweet Squared and Minx .. not salon geek.
  13. bbk
    Hi geeg hope youre well- who is best to contact about this? x
  14. Mrs Geek
    I am LISTENING - meeting with Minxes tomorrow!
  15. Baggybear
    Mrs G thank you for listening. :Love:

    :eek: I was not posting here to complain about sizes, I was stating that it would be nice to have a few bigger sizes for the big toes with a few less of the smaller sizes because the sizes of Minx were being compared to Kooky - which I have worked out cost a tiny bit little less than the real deal 'Minx'.

    It has been brought up in a few other threads that people think there needs to be some extra big toe size wraps and even the suggestion of a sheet of just big toe wraps. I don't think the sheet of big toe wraps makes as much sense as just juggling the sizes on every sheet just a little to give techs the chance to use most if not all of the wraps on every sheet instead of being left with loads of the middle/small sizes and none to fit big toes.

    I didn't think there would be any chance of the Minx being re-designed again so soon as it's not that long since toe & finger sheets were merged into the sheets we have now.
  16. JuicyLucy
    Hi Samantha Four of the biggest sized Minx on a sheet would be fab, fab, fab! :lol:
    Like most, I can often get two or three smaller sized toes out of one of the small sized wraps, whereas I can only get one big toe from each of the biggest wraps - Result: loads of smaller sizes left on a sheet. Being able to order one sheet with only the big sizes would be great, but with so many designs I guess this is impractical for both Minx and their distributors.
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  17. littlemiss-32
    A slightly longer template just on the largest minx would be fantastic as then i could do 2 full sets on toes!! Please?:)

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  18. williams1862
    my sister has had her kooky wraps on her fingers for 11 days now and although they are looking a little tired on the free edge they are still going strong :p
  19. nicole333
    I had Minx on my fingers for around two weeks before I reluctantly removed them. I was told not to expect more than about a week, which I would agree with, but I was extra careful!

    My Kooky's have been on since around mid August and I got both big toes out of one wrap and still didn't use the biggest size. I'm going to make myself remove them after this nice spell of weather, honest! :biggrin:

    I was surprised how easy they were to put on and how durable they have been. I havn't had any training in them yet, and it was purely an experiment on myself. I'm very impressed. :D
  20. WaxGirl
    What did you use to apply kooky nails?

    Euro products said you didn't need any heat, I ordered some and will test them out this weekend but wanted to know what everyone else was doing heat or no heat?

    & how do you remove them?

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