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Discussion in 'Tanning' started by Spray tan jane, May 19, 2017.

  1. Spray tan jane
    I'm thinking of just stocking La fast tan As it seems more convenient for clients. I've also recently used siennasol natural and dark which I also loved as they have developing times of 2-6 hours . Can anyone tell me what they think of both products please.
  2. MikiTan
    Hey, what did you think of the siennasol, I keep thinking I've made my mind up on what solutions to try then I change it again! Siennasol have got some really good deals on kits and specifically the machine I'd really like to get so I'm now leaning towards them.
  3. Spray tan jane
    I've used the natural on myself and the extreme on a mate. We both loved it. I'm torn between the LA and siennasol. It's driving me mad that I can't decide. Love them both.
  4. MikiTan
    Well I've just ordered the siennasol spraymate kit so fingers crossed! How strong were the smells as it's the one thing I've been worrying about in case people don't like the smells?
  5. MikiTan
    Whoops just realised it's not the siennasol I went with it's the Suntana I'm trying first! All these different brands I'm looking at!
  6. Spray tan jane
    . I know. It's so confusing. I've never used suntana. Let us know if you like it.
  7. AshLovesTanning
    How long do you get out of a tan before it starts to fade?
  8. MikiTan
    I will do!
  9. Spray tan jane
    About 5 days then it starts to fade I'd say.
  10. AshLovesTanning
    I get a good 3 days before my chest and hands and neck start to fade. But that was with Whitetobrown.... I haven't tried a full body with morroccan tan cause my body is being used as a tan sample lol... But I tried it on my stomach and it was gorgeous... For some reason my stomach doesn't take tan to well.... Neither do my shins?
  11. Spray tan jane
    Do you moisturiser every time you
    Bath/ shower? That's helps maintain the tan.
  12. AshLovesTanning
    Yes, I think it was because I was using shower gel with sulphate in it and it was stripping my tan! I am gonna do a full body with Morroccan tan and see if it happens! I moisturize everyday, something I never did and my skin was in bits. But it's religiously done every day now. I can't wait to do a full body of Morroccan tan tho. Sienna X sent me out a few samples what do you think of them?
  13. Spray tan jane
    Sienna is too orange IMO. I also have sample from them. My daughter likes sienna so I'll use it on her.
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  14. AshLovesTanning
    I think it's just me but Fakebake is pure Orange!! in photo's in person pure orange, I can't see how people like it!
  15. LA Tanning
    Hi Jane. Fast Tan is good but is a 14% so it might be worth while getting a 250ml or small bottle of a lighter colour just in case you get a client who want a lighter tan. Just a thought.
  16. Spray tan jane
    What if they wash the fast tan off after 2 hours, I thought that would give them a light tan.
  17. Spray tan jane
    I thought it was 2 hours for a 10% tan, 4 hours for 12% and 6 hours for 14%.
  18. LA Tanning
    Hi. Yes if you wash the Fast Tan off after 2 hours it will give a lighter tan but the tan does still develop over the next 24 hours and depending on skin tone will develop into a medium tan of around 10-12%. Hope this helps. Happy Spraying
  19. Spray tan jane
    Thank you. I'm using up my 12 and 14% and I'm goi g to just use fast. I'll see how I go. My clients love LA.
  20. LA Tanning
    You are very welcome. Let us know if we can help further.
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