Lash extension "break" how long?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Miss Sylk, Aug 23, 2010.

  1. Miss Sylk
    Hi i have a regular whos lashes are looking a bit sparse and brittle. Her lashes are so so small and stumpy anyway, but as she is 60 i feel they just dont have the strength and endurance of younger lashes. I recommened a break to help her lashes strengthen up.

    Can anyone tell me is this a MUST for lash extensions for everybody?

    How long should she be without them?

    is there anything i can tell her to do to help them?

  2. priory
    Break from eyelash extensions is not necessary as natural eyelashes re-generate regardless, so old ones keep falling out and new ones grow just as they always have been - and nothing will change that - not a break and neither eyelash extensions... If natural eyelash is damaged - then it will have to fall out and new one will need to grow - there is no other way to strengthen that old damaged lash... Therefore having lashes on or off makes no difference...
  3. elliebee
    Have heard some good reports about the new lash tonics that are available. Perhaps she could use this while having a rest from the extensions? Glam Lash do one so am sure other places will do similar.
  4. Hypnotic Lashes
    Its true that your client doesnt really need a break (only in the case of infections would I insist on a break). As for her lashes looking sparse - was this to begin with or only since she has been having the ELE?

    If they have become sparse since having them and she is a more mature lady, I would recommend you using a slightly thinner lash and try an do them a little shorter for a while - you may find that as she is a mature lady her lashes can no longer support the .20 thickness lashes.

    Give it a go and see - Im sure she will be pleased with you for taking the time to care for her and her lashes.
  5. Eyelash_Stylist

    My customer is young and she said all her lashes fell out after two weeks, none of my other customers are, they are lasting 3-4 weeks! Hers were done no different and she thinks she needs a break? She said she has been having them done for years and said she should have had a break, what do you say to that?
  6. priory
    I always explain to clients that if they wish to have a break, then it is up to them, but it is not needed and will not change the life cycle of lash nor she will have more natural lashes growing because of that.
  7. cabinkel
    I agree with priory that a break in wearing lashes is not necessary. I have clients who have worn lashes for years with no problems. Im stating the obvious here :green: but, if lashes are weak and damaged, lash extensions shouldnt be applied to them anyway. Also, if the lashes are quite fine and fragile, then apply the lash that is suitable, ie 0.15 thickness. If a client is picking or pulling at her lashes, then this could could cause the natural lashes to appear/seem sparser.
    Hope that helps:hug:
  8. FrancescaM
    I agree, there is no need to have a breat from the treatment .. perhaps, like already advised, a move to a lighter lash.

    I also believe that this lady may not be leaving them alone and could be one of the reasons her lashes have become brittle and sparse.


    LASH by Francesca

    LASH by Francesca

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