Lash extension Gel Pads - problems with allergic reaction

Discussion in 'Skin' started by Bev Rose, Mar 11, 2010.

  1. Bev Rose
    Bit of a long post I'm afraid xx

    I have had a new client in last week who had a half set of lash extensions applied.

    I followed all normal consultation procedures & checked for allergies etc - no allergies was ticked on the form.

    I do her daughters nails & lashes and yesterday her daughter told me that
    apparently, a few hours later in the day, after her Mum left me she noticed the skin around her eyes itching & ended up swelling & splitting apparently.
    She got up in the middle of the night on the Thur night/Fri morn and removed her lashes with olive oil & is on some tablets from the doctor & cream to stop any possible scarring.:eek: She thinks is was something to do with the gel pads & not her actual lashes -as nothing touched the skin at all.

    I put the lashes on her Mum last Thurs & she rang me on sat lunchtime to cancel her forthcoming appointment for a top up, telling me she had to go away on business. (Now by this time - she had already removed her lashes & gone through a visit to the doctor etc and did not say anything to me at all & still hasn't personally)

    When her daughter told me all of this I was astonished she had gone through all that and not contacted me - I said to her Mum before she left if she has any problems to contact me asap, it also states on the record card' if you have any problems or irritations, contact your therapist asap etc', which she had signed to say she would.
    Her daughter said she told her Mum to ring me, but her Mum said no she didn't want to spoil my weekend, as I was going away to a spa for the weekend (Sun to Mon).

    I know I have no problems with any issues if she tries to persue any claims, as she signed her record card.

    Has anyone else had problems with irritations with gel patches (I use Lash Perfect)?
    Can anyone suggest any alternative to using gel patches?
  2. angelina221
    The very first set i did was on my beauty therapist and she ended up in casualty on the night!
    This was due to the gel pads too.Her one eye did swell up and the next day although the swelling went down, her eye kept running. She had some drops from the doctor and it cleared up after a couple of days.
    Sometimes the gel can come out of them. I mentioned this to Nouveau who i trained with and my trainer told me that she usually takes the pads off half way through and wipes the top of the pads as the gel can come out of the top.
    I now tape the eye down first and then place the pads a little further down.
    One of the geeks told me that she usually presses the gel pad whilst it is still on the protective cover to get rid of any excess gel.
    It's made me a bit paranoid about using them so for now i am just using the tape and putting the pads a bit lower.
  3. Bev Rose
    This is what I do first aswell & she still had a reaction!

    I'm a bit worried, as another client came in to have lashes done (actually these two clients work together) and I followed procedures, she did tell me she's had a reaction to having her lashes tinted back in the summer.
    I applied the patches, and had just applie 2 lashes, when she told me her eye was feeling warm & uncomfortable - I stopped immeadiately & removed the two lashes already applied - I think this could of been the patches now I think about it.....

    So, you use the micropore tape on the lower lashes to hold them down? How do you remove , which drection do you pull the tape off?
    Do you put a few strips down the face then attached the pads over the tape iykwim?
    I'm guessing I'd have to be sure the client was not allergic to plasters too!
  4. cabinkel
    I do use the pads, and touch wood, Iv never had a problem, but I do squeeze the gel out of the top of the pad first.
    With the micropore tape, I use two strips and criss cross them. So go from inner corner across about half way, then another strip and cross from the outer corner. A tiny bit of vaseline under the micropore tape can stop it drying out and becoming uncomfortable for the client. hth xx
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  5. cabinkel
    Oh and have you tried another brand of pads? They do all differ xx
  6. weezie
    I can't believe they are still suggesting these pads are used if they can clearly be unsafe especially around something so precious as an eye!:eek:
  7. flirties
    I must admit this sounds all rather odd of having to squeeze the gel out of the pad? Doesnt that contradict the whole use of the pad as a cooling, soothing pad that also helps to protect?
    I agree with Cabinkel that it seems the pads all differ as we have never had any problems and have only had clients comment how calming and good they felt on the skin! Any therapist that we have trained or that has tried the pads has confirmed how much better the treatment was for her and more comfortable and relaxing for the client!
  8. tigi
    I had a horrible reaction to gel pads when training, my eyes swelled up and the itching and tears streaming was horrible.

    I used the pads for clients to begin with but stopped as several of them reacted too.... I didn't think they would react, I have very irritable skin.

  9. cabinkel
    With the squeezing out of the gel, I may not have explained that well, sorry:green:
    Its just gently squeezing the excess gel from the top part, (the bit that runs along by the eye) so that as the pad heats up on the skin, the gel dosent seep out slightly. Its not squeezing out all the gel lol:)
  10. louiseprunty
    Gel pads should not have such awful allergic reactions, I have heared lots of stories the past few months about a particular brand. Glam Lash offer a free trial set of patches, so if anyone wants to try pm me. There is no excess gel so no squeezing involved. x
  11. laura grant
    i am afraid this is going to happen.
    an allergic reaction can happen at any time 1 year or 2 years down the line.
    our poor eyes will go through it.
    with so many companies offering bad training and passing everyone that walks thru the door its not surprising that gel pads are being placed so high up and eyelashes are being glued together, and lashes are just being thrown on top of 4-5 other lashes, and after care advise is not given properly.
    its a shame she did not get in touch with you as it was not your fault, when you get a reaction around your eyes you just want to scratch them to bits.
    go sassy with the vaseline and micropore tape, then you can place the pad nice and low, nothing leaking in your eyes.
    just the scratching of the micropore tape digging in your eyeballs instead.
    oh why did i chose the eyebiz
  12. angelina221
    Yes i use the micropore to hold the lashes down. There are pics in my album of this.
    Would you believe as well, i had a set of eyelash extensions today and couldn't find my tape so thought i'll try just the pads again. I haven't used the pads since my beauty therapist ended up in casualty. I made extra sure they were correctly positioned and my client said she was comfortable.
    Had only applied one lash and she said 'is it supposed to be itchy' :eek:
    Quick took them off and then i remembered i had some other micropore tape that i use with my spray tattoos. The tape is a bit wider but it worked well so that was ok and we carried on without a hitch.
    So that's only twice i've ever used the pads on their own and i won't be doing it again!!
  13. vgml
    I think anything (even micropore tape ) to close to eyes can cause irritation and infection.
    I have been using only patches, tried diferent brands and so far had no problem. I had an eye infection caused by patches getting into my eyes which I ignored while had lashes applied. That was the only time when it happened to myself.
  14. vgml
    To be honest there is. I have tries GLam Lash patches as well. They are better than Lash Perfect but for some strange reason there is exces of gel in all patches I had tried.
    I always squeeze it out before placing patches and had no problem so far.
  15. cabinkel

    Yep, totaly agree. All the patches Iv tried are better to squeeze the tiny bit of excess gel from.
    I always use pads and have never had a problem xx I do also sometimes cut pads in half so they are not as bulky and can sit better
  16. flirties
    I would always tape the lower lashes down with surgical tape as it secures even the shortest of lower lashes much better than the pads. Then you can simply place the gel pads on the bottom of the tape (if that makes sense?) so it doesnt get in contact with the eye at all but cools and soothes the skin.
    Plus when you have a student or a therapist that is not 100% able to keep the hand still, you can rest your tweezers gently on the gel pad without the client feeling nervous. This has been very important for beginners who havent got a steady hand and it makes the client feel much safer and most of the clients can relax and actually fall asleep!
  17. Bev Rose
    Thanks everso much everyone for all your feedback on this.

    It's scared me a bit tbh, but now I know it's happened to others I feel better!

    I will try taping the lower lashes as you've suggested & I looked at Angelina's pics, which was a great help.
    I will be getting diff patches in though:eek:

  18. flirties
    Hi Bev,

    dont be scared by the reaction of just one client even though i can understand that it does knock your confidence. I have put a pack of gel pads in the post to you and hopefully that can restore your faith again :hug:
  19. Bev Rose

    You are a lovely lady....that's very kind of you & I appreciate it very much.:hug:

    Trying a different brand will give me a bit more confidence also I think - it would seem this problem is mainly with the brand I use & was trained with.
  20. flirties
    My absolute pleasure Bev and please shout if you want to go through the application or if i can do anything else to help?

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