Lash lift help!

Discussion in 'Skin' started by leanejayne, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. asteropi
    Thanks ciderella
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  2. N J
    Thanks for the link, just make sure you watch the right one! This is the latest one....

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  3. N J
    Question for Elleebana users -
    I'm absolutely loving the products but wanted to check somethings.
    Can you get the lashes wet after? It seems it's okay but Nouveau they say to keep them dry for 24hrs.

    I did a lady yesterday and used the smallest rod it was too small as she said they are too curly today Mortified!

    Has anybody got any advice on what rods are best to use for what lash/eye?

    Im thinking the best thing to do is get my lady in again in a week and re curl with a large rod??

    Massive help to anyone who can!!!

    Thank you in advance ! X
  4. ciderella71
    They also have a video showing how to relax the lashes.

    I think it's just looking at the lashes and how they curl on the different sizes of rod. I've used the medium and found that a tight curl so I'd expect the small to be tiny.
  5. N J
    Yes I did find that one thank you!
  6. N J
    With the rods the idea is the lashes are not full on it right and only half of the lashes lie on the rod?
  7. angelina221
    All of the lashes should be on the rod really. This video should help you to decide which size to choose :)
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  8. N J
    Thank you very much. I have now purchased all different size rods. It's very different to nouveau but much better results and so much quicker! Thank you!!
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  9. N J
    Thank you ! This has been super helpful!!

    Could anyone also please help me with developing times?

    At the moment I am doing 5 mins for each step....

  10. angelina221
    It's 6 mins for each solution. You can leave the first solution up to a maximum of 10 minutes and that's for very strong lashes. Tint with Belmacil tint and leave on for 5 minutes :)

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