Lightening hair with lemon juice

Discussion in 'Hair' started by gillian w, Jul 3, 2007.

  1. gillian w
    My daughter has bought some lemon juice to put in her hair on holiday as she has been told it will lighten it.I understand this to be true but how damaging is it.Her hair is already highlighted(professionally) but she wants that real bleached blond look.
  2. JDs
    she will only get a real slight natural effect from it. Be sure to warn her that it will dry the hair out.
    I overheard a stylist the other day mention to her client to use Vodka with lemon juice and she would get more lightening effects..:rolleyes:
  3. Bagpuss
    what a waste of Vodka...:lol: x
  4. HappyHands
    Here here:lol::lol:
    Vodka should only be used for one thing... and that drinking
  5. Good Skin Day

    How light is her hair?

    My hair lightens to a creamy blond with scalp bleach, then violet/silver toner makes it white blonde. If I leave it on for too long it looks like I've had a blue rinse, which is quite amusing to all my (mean!) friends....actually looks quite funky though :lol:

    I use Colourfresh toner, but I know there's a different brand of toner (our salon hairdresser tried some under sections on me the other day) that gives proper Sarah Harding-style blonde, but will go real ashen grey if left on too long.

    Got to be better than lemon juice!
  6. angel fingers
    i can remember doing this when i was a young teenager, it was always being featured in beauty tips columns in JACKIE magazine:lol:
    you had to put it on and then sit in the sun to activate it. i do remember a slight change, but nothing all that noticable. one of the other things they used to recomend was conditioning your hair with egg yolk, you had to be real careful that the water wasnt too hot when you rinsed it out or you'd end up with your hair full of scrambled egg !:lol:
    i bet other geeks of my era will have done the same.
  7. Mrs.Clooney
    Oh yes, I remember doing this as a teenager. It was the rage when I was in high school and only cost my mom a lemon:lol: which we grew in the back garden anyway.

    As said above, you do have to go out into the sun light to activat it and the hotter the sun the better the result. No probs with sunshine in Africa where I grew up. Lol, brings back memories.
  8. angel fingers
    oooh very tropical mrs clooney !:green:

    you wouldnt want to go outside when doing the egg yolk conditioner though:lol:
  9. janeawallace
    I remember doing the lemon thing but then i progressed to 'Sun In' which you sprayed in and it lightened your hair, looking back it was prob bleach in a bottle but i was only about 16 so i didnt care lol
  10. Cathie!
    I was just about to mention Sun In...wasn't that meant to be a lemon juice based lightener lol! Oh the 80's!!!
  11. Bagpuss
    i used sun in when i was in my teens...horrid stuff...made it orange and snapped off. i was told that the reason it was so bad was that you sprayed it on and didn't have to rinse it out so it just kept working....dunno if thats true though. x
  12. Lellipop
    Me and my mates used peroxide from the chemist the sort in brown bottles from pharmacy lmao and we normally turned a nice orange colour and then a few bottles of sun in on and you would get a kind of blonde colour and hair like worzel gumage lol
  13. JDs
    EEKS!!! Sun In...OMG... I was tempted to use it when it was the rage.. Thank god I never had to as I am pretty blonde naturally.
    It is bleach in a bottle. Nasty stuff!!! LOL
  14. fificharlie
    Sun - in made a comeback a while ago,as I used it as a teenager (I'm only 22 now!) so about 8 years ago - and yes - I went ORANGE too ;) My mum warned me - but no, I knew better!! lol!
  15. minky

    You could add chamomile to your lemon juice this also has lightening properties,
    it wont do anything drastic but the lemons may dry out your hair a little,
    so as others have said plenty of conditioner.

    If you intend going swimming afterwards be careful as chlorine could have a reaction with the lemon juice :)
  16. minky
    Hi just thought Id ask

    does any one remember Hiltone for lightening the hair a couple of shades?
    my friend used to use it and she went orange first then went a golden blonde after a couple of go's I don't seem to see it around any more :)
  17. JDs
    have never heard of it. Must be something that was in the UK only?
  18. minky
    Hi Jds
    Yes Hiltone was a UK product that was around in the 70s to 80s I think,
    gosh it went all sorts of brassy shades it was ok if you were quite light to start with
  19. nailzandbeauty
    I used sun in in the 80's omg wot a disaster lol.I think my hair set on fire as it looked like it was smoking lol.Anyway end result was silver not a good look xx
  20. Peter Pan
    trust you angela.......................................

    my thoughts too :lol:

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