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Discussion in 'Nail' started by funnails, May 7, 2008.

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  1. JackieMc
    I hate to be a party pooper but I tend to agree with Doorie here, I'm fairly sure that the Logos are copyrighted and using them in any shape or form (not just handbags) without permission would be viewed by the Designer involved as a copyright violation.

    Louis Vuitton just love sueing people over the misuse of their logos so I hope this thread doesn't bring The Salon Geek into disrepute. I know they're just a fun thing and don't appear to be doing anybody any harm (apart from the Designer companies and truth be told, they're hardly going to go out of business because of these nail tips) but we all cry blue murder when we find out someone has been pinching our pics and using them without our permission. Double standards?

  2. funnails
    That is a good point, however because I was scarred to use these nails at 1st so I called our good family friend who is a patent attny. he said that #1 they aren't going to go after the end user (us the nail techs) #2 the logos are printed on disposible items #3 because they don't make nails they aren't looking for any #4 its basically the same princpal if you were to paint it on. Because they are a dispoable item its non a legal matter for us to worry about!

    My friend told me that one of her friends is charging $75 us for a set of these nails and can't keep them in stock!

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  3. shellybobs
    These are fantastic - i have put an order in with them and at the moment these are on sale. Its US site so get the currency convertor at the ready if your in the UK. Cant wait til they arrive. Thanks for sharing this - i love having a wide selection of tips for my clients to have. x
  4. funnails
    Oh that is fabulous! I know you will love them. I am getting $75 a set right now and have been putting them on toes! I get $120 for fingers and toes!

    Hope you post pics after you get them!
  5. 'chelle
    Sorry to sound ultra cynical but, Funnails, if you want to promote your product why dont you do it without the pretence of "hey guys look at this fab product I've found"?? Although its not to my taste I think the product is good and would go down well with certain clients, but I think its a shame to see someone abuse this forum for their own gain when the product would go down well if advertised directly.
  6. funnails
    hey michelle-

    Seriously... I know I sound like this is mine, but I really can't say enough about how it's changed my salons business and revenue. But if it makes you feel better I won't comment anymore!

    Happy to see how welcoming this site is!
    PS I have commented on many other forums on this site
  7. JackieMc
    Actually, I agree with Chelle, it's certainly beginning to look as if you are 'plugging' these products. And I checked with Louis Vuitton in the US to see if they really didn't mind their designs being copied on nail tips and apparently they're not very happy about it at all, despite your protestations that they don't care because they don't make 'nail things'. Perhaps your "good family friend" can help out when LV decide to sue?

    Perhaps if you had posted about something other than these nail tips (all your posts in this forum are about the tips) it might not look as if you were just here to advertise?
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  8. eyecandy
    I usually paint my own tips with these sorts of designs, but this will save loads of time!! Thanks for the link!!
  9. funnails
    sure deal! But I just discovered if you are going to get the pucci they are much cheaper at Premier Nail Source other wise i would check out the other site!

  10. Doorie
    there will come a day they will bite.

    I wouldn't promote these as it can be tough to use a TM'ed logo. so be careful, really
  11. Bagpuss
    This thread has had a good run and its now time to close it.
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