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Discussion in 'Hair' started by troobloo, Sep 24, 2008.

  1. troobloo
    Hope someone can help me out.

    I am booked in to have my hair coloured on Saturday, and I have a rough idea of what I want but my hairdresser made another suggestion. I am not entirely sure what she means and have tried to find a picture to get an idea, but am stuck.

    Basically I explained over the phone to her what my hair is like. It has been highlighted for about 7 years and has got lighter and lighter overall. Last time it was coloured, I did it myself with an all over permanent colour - Loreal Excellence Cream in Light Natural Blonde. As my roots were coming through I put it on them a little longer than the rest of my hair to try and get a more even match. It turned out okay, but it's not something I like to do myself so wont take the chance again. I did that about 6 months ago and I have more root growth coming through.

    My hair is just below shoulder length, the root colour is probably about 2" long. My natural colour is (apart from being so long ago and difficult to remember) a sort of mousey brown. Quite a dull dark blonde maybe. Bit greyish/ashy looking.

    I want to turn it all around and revert back to a more warm brown, but still hold on to some blonde to keep some different tones in there. I have a picture that I love and most friends think it would suit me, so I described that to my HD. (tried to attach, but file is always too big no matter how much I resize it) It is an all over warm chocolatey brown with a handful of blonde highlights on the top.

    She said that would either need to be an all over tint with some blonde highlights, or depending on the build up on my hair, she would maybe just do all over lowlights and fix the roots of the parts that wont be included. She said that would tone it down, but maybe not be such a big change to get used to. I just can't work out how that would look. I am thinking very stripey hair really, and that's not a look I want. Can anyone shed any light, or give any other alternative suggestions?

    Thanks :)
  2. scottydolly
    if it was me personally from what you have said, i would offer my opinion and say that i would do an all over quazi/semi brown to balance you own colour regrowth and the old lightened hair and scatter foils through the top over the parting, perhaps two colours of blonde to make it look more natural? if you are hoping to keep very blonde highlights i would advise one of the colours to be an 8 based blonde tint and the other a bleach. . very fine highlights should not look stripy, just enuff to break up the colour. . i hope that made some sense. . .x
  3. liana kay
    by lowlights your stylist probably means adding 3 or more differant tones ,eg.one lighter ,one same colour as natural ,one slightly darker. however ,if you want it warmer id go for all over colour with some scattered foils through the top , but the low lights would probably be more natural and if your hair is v.light i think that you would notice fade less.
  4. troobloo
    Hey ScottyDolly

    You're not far from where I am, i'm near Ellon.

    I waned to post a picture of what I like and a picture of what my hair is like now, but can't work out how to do it. I keep getting told the file is too big. I've put them in my album, is there a way of showing my album?
  5. bondgirl78

    I was in the same situation as you acbout a month ago... i came bck from holiday and my highlights had become a block colour of blondie orange brassy mess...my fiance kept calling me Tina Turner and "Nutbush" which was funny once but not continously!! lol!!

    Anyways I got back and went to an excellent hairdresser who put a nice warm brown semi all over then added a scattering of highlights.....the end result was superb.

  6. scottydolly
    oh wow hahaha never seen anyone on here from up our way. . .FIT LIKE hahahaha. . . where you gettin ur hair done at? aberdeen or ellon or peterhead? we get a heap of folk come from ellon to us. . haha. . i went into ur profile and saw your album. . . anyone can look if they go to your profile. . .i think a nice semi and two tone of blonde foils would look nice if you going for a tone down. . xx
  7. troobloo

    So did you see the picture of the one I like then? It's the one with the brown all over and the few highlights on top. Although the one of Jamie Spears was more what I think she was talking about. I'm not sure. I guess i'll find out tomorrow morning!

    I'm going to a hairdresser in Pitmedden actually. She's just started up a business from her home and had an extension made into a salon, so thought i'd give her a go and see how it goes. My normal hairdresser is at Shiraz in Ellon and I couldn't get booked in there for colour until 11th October! I figured as this woman has just started up she may have a better availability, and I phoned last friday and got the appointment for tomorrow.

    Wish me luck - and if it goes terribly wrong, i'll book into The Blue Room in Peterhead!

  8. scottydolly
    wow haha that wait wud not have been acceptable haha. . well good luck hope its goos, yeah i like the one you like the best. . can u in any way print it and take it with ya. . shouldnt be too hard for her to copy, it just looks like an all over brown with some random chunky weaves at the crown and some medium sized slices on the parting, focusing near the front. . . let us know how it goes AND BIG UP THE BLUE ROOM HAHAHAHA xxxx
  9. barberella
    If your hair is as light blonde as I imagine you have described it, then I would not be using a semi warm tone straight over the top (especially not a brown tone) because after a few days /washes the hair will have a khaki appearance to it, and also it will be porous so the colour will fade mega quick.

    I would:- lift out fine slices of existing blonde and lighten the root area

    Apply temporary colour mousse. i.e copper to replace the tone, then a darker permanent colour over top to lock it all in.

    Sounds good though, go for it!
  10. troobloo
    Well it's done and it's not too drastic a change. What she has done is lowlights all over in a shade slightly darker than my natural colour. That has meant that overall appearance is back to a natural looking colour, but still have the lighter areas that were there before. However, all the roots are disguised by the parts that have lowlights, meaning I no longer have a horrible dark looking crown with bleach blonde coming off it. She did a few random light blonde highlights to the top, just to break it up a little.

    I'm going to go back before all the xmas parties start to go the next stage which will be another set of lowlights, this time, some more the same and some an even darker warmer brown. She liked the picture and thinks it will be do-able, but didn't want to do it all at once as the last colour I had was a chemist one and she was worried about green tint coming up.

    I was a little deflated as I felt my hair is still quite light and I had got myself prepared for a chocolatey brown colour, but i'd rather do it in stages than end up with horrid green hair. So I have to be patient!

    Thanks for all your comments.

  11. scottydolly
    awww as long as u are demi happy and not upset, but i aint never seen hair go green as long as you use a colour that will put warmth back into the hair, as far as i know as long as a colour has lots of warmth for its first recolouring, it wont go green, only if you put in a flat colour. . first recolour of lightened hair always fades first time, it will probs hold better next time as their is a better base for the colour to grab hold off. . . YAY put some pics up love. . x

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