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  1. sassystylist25
    Hi all!
    I am in the process of taking over my mums salon now that she is part time retired.
    Our salon has been trading for a whopping 18 years now and overheads these days certainly aren't what they were 18 years ago.
    We are very fortunate to be busy and have some lovely clients, from the little old lady who lives round the back to the young girls blowing all their disposable income on extensions!
    We appreciate every single customer, but sometimes the line gets blurred between friendship and clients, we really do think of them as friends.
    Long story short, my mum is very old school, and undercharges a LOT of clients who have been coming for nearly 18 years. Many of them are there every week.
    There are 2 men that pay £2 for a haircut lol
    There is one lady who has her hair coloured every 2-3 weeks for £16 inc cut, sometimes she has a full head of highlights for this!!
    There is one lady that pays £10 for a perm
    Some women come in for a colour and say at the till after the service 'can I drop the money up next week' which my mother will say yeah thats fine!! ...they will come back but will not mention it and my mum feels too bad to bring it up.

    I on the other hand am beginning to have a reputation as a bit of a money grabber, but in reality it would be nice if the rent was paid on time!!!
    I have been thinking of telling these clients in a polite way that from 1st of Jan everyone pays the same. And see where it goes.. I was thinking of putting posters, a post on fb etc, but i worry this will upset some people who have been coming for 15odd years but pay full price..
    What do I do?
    I drive a 1.2 fiesta and I'm 27 still living at home surely these clients can recognise that I don't just think of them as £ signs but more that I don't want to have to worry about paying our bills!!
    How can I navigate this tricky situation and retain these clients?
  2. Eloise86
    I’d put a notice up and charge everyone the same, they’ll soon realise that’s the going rate... they clearly have no respect for any of you if that’s how much they are happy to pay you. £16 for colour and cut will cost you money not earn you money, you don’t want or need clients like those xxxxx
  3. salonfrog

    I would revisit ALL your price list. It’s your salon now :).

    Maybe even add in a rebrand at the same time and have a clear message that this salon is a great brand and going places!

    You’ll replace the £2 haircuts (which you can afford to lose) and free up those reservation times for a proper market rate service.

    Best of luck with your new venture.
  4. sassystylist25
    i don't feel we are disrespected, some clients actually tell us we should charge more, most come bearing gifts!! one man owns a farm and actually brought us a lamb he had slaughtered!!!! not my favourite gift..

    i have pushed my mum to start charging these types of clients but as she has been a stylist for over 40 years she feels guilty that when she wasn't working in a salon and doing mobile only these little old dears still came to her and helped feed me as my mum says.
    i don't want to put a notice up as not all clients pay the same and some long standing customers might find offence that they haven't had any discounts.
    i was thinking about giving them a polite note?
    I feel your pain!
    I've been doing the majority of my client's for 25+ years.....
    Although I have been charging a fair rate...it is not what the going rate is now, and certainly not as much as I should ask considering the level of service we deliver.

    Five years ago I took over a very old style salon, turned it into a quality 'boutique' style salon, upped the price from being 'stuck in the 70's' ...and REALLY upset the the status quo!!!:eek:

    I've now relocated, and about to re-launch my new venture.:)

    It has cost me a shed load of money.:oops:

    Not only do I NEED to put up my prices to pay for the premises....I WANT to put them up, as me and my tiny team DESERVE a decent return for our work.

    I do expect a back lash! :p

    The loyal follower is appreciated....but they cannot expect 'mates rates',...this is my lively hood.

    Good Luck, and stay focused.:cool:
  6. CFBS
    I agree with a lot of the suggestions above.
    I think it's time for a proper re-start.
    You could do this by closing for a few days (perhaps between Christmas and New Year), do some painting and decorating to make it look different and open in the first week of January with a bit of a flourish / open evening / extra adverts etc but start your new price list on this day.
    Get some new price lists (with a new design on them) printed and really revamp your menu of treatments.
    I know plenty of hair salons that don't even offer a dry cut anymore. Add some luxury services, whatever you can think of...

    If you invite all your current clients to the open evening then you can hand out your new prices with a glass of bubbly to soften the blow. Perhaps have a prize draw for a voucher or something?

    It's time to bite the bullet and just action the price rises. Although you might lose some people it might not be as many as you think - if they then go to other salons they will soon see what other places are charging and ultimately clients do like to stick with the hairdresser they know and trust. You may also gain some new clients because of your new image.

    Good luck and just go for it!
  7. Eloise86
    I would only ever put a polite notice up, I’d never be rude to them?
  8. FlawlessBeauty
    I think she is saying that some clients of say 10 years may realise they have been paying more than clients of 18 years. Then get upset x
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