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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Gizmogeek, Jun 3, 2007.

  1. Gizmogeek

    I'm having real problems with my skin at the moment and had a look through previous threads but could'nt find any that answers my question. What foundations do you find are the best for oily spot prone skin, anyone recommend any? I use Clinique stay true at the moment but feel it's very thick on my skin and feels caked. My skin is so bad that I have to wear something to cover it, wouldn't dare go out the house without any!!! :eek:

    Just started using Eve taylor cleanser and toner aswell and thats not helping it's just making it worse and now i'm getting boil like spots on my cheeks. Came off the pill recently so I know this is a factor but there must be something I can use to help it. Just wondered if you guys had tried and tested and found anything thats works on oily spotty skin. I've got 4 weddings this year and I really want to try and sort my skin cause it's getting me down now. Help, anyone?? :cry:
  2. eager beaver
    Dermalogica have a treatment foundation which has ingrediants to help spots etc and giving a good coverage aswell. I think it may have an ingrediant also which actd as a 'sponge' for oil. HTHs
  3. Gizmogeek
    oh thank you it's worth a try! will need to check if there's a stockist near me. Has anyone else tried this or anything else that works??
  4. rouge
    I use Lancome Teinte Idole at the moment. I find it very good, but you may also want to do a search on mineral makeup.

    Mineral makeup is also very good on oily skin, and it doesn't block the pores like some foundations do. There have been loads of threads on it on here recently. It's definitely worth looking into. As soon as I've finished my current bottle of foundation I'm going to swap over to mineral makeup as I've tried some samples and really like it.
  5. bombini
    I feel your pain !

    Firstly I had the same problem with the Eve Taylor products which is one of the reasons I decided not to use them for my facials. I was using the purifying cream and after about 5 days my skin just erupted which takes some doing as I was prescribed roaccutene 4 years ago and have had less than a handful of flare ups since. Its a shame really as I love the smell of Eve Taylor, I honestly think its one of the nicest smelling ones out there.

    Thinking about it one of those flare ups was when I to stopped taking the pill so it could be that more so than the products.

    I definetly reccommend mineral foundation for oily/acne skin its brilliant and if you have a yellow based one it covers all the redness :):)

    Before I discovered minerals and had medication for my skin I used to use Clarins Multi Matte foundation and that was also fab for oily skin, No shine until late afternoon.

    The good thing about Clarins is that they do genourous sized samples with at least a weeks supply so if you have a counter near to you try and get down there !
  6. Gizmogeek
    Ive heard so much about Eve Taylor and thought i'd try it and expected it to clear up my skin but unfortunately it seems worse!! shame cause it is a lovely product and great price and i like that it doesnt contain alcohol or lanolin but it doesn't seem to be working for me (nothing seems to! lol). maybe haven't given it enough time but am not so sure. been trying to find both skincare and foundation that works so will give some of these a try! think i'll try nimue aswell god ive spent so much on stuff I could open a skincare boutique! ha ha
  7. Gizmogeek
    does mineral make-up only come in powder form? i got the sheer cover off sky chanel (maybe not a good one but thought i'd try it) and it just seemed like i was applying light powder with no coverage. I like quite good coverage
  8. Bagpuss
    my skin is very sensitive and can break out ... best foundation i have ever used is maybelline ever fresh is oil free...fragrance free...hypoallergenic...non comedogenic and not expensive.

    i would give that a go....(i used to use clinique and every thing in there range brings me out in spots)

    another great one is the lily lolo mineral makeup.....this is great and feels so does cover well and they sell samples for you to try out is the link..
  9. Gizmogeek
    thank you so much guys for all your feedback this hs helped I think maybe i'll try out the mineral foundation it seems to be the favourite and thats great they do samples!! :green:

    Thank you!! :hug:
  10. louise jane
    Hi, i use eve taylor products on myself and also on my clients. I have to say that i have not had any problems with myself or my clients. But i have to say i think you should give it a little bit longer before blaming the product as i think it could be one of the other factors that you have had happen all at the same time. Eve Taylors products are so natural, but i know that not everyone is the same and it could cause some people a problem. Are you using the correct treamtent? I hope your problem gets better soon.. Also give Eve Taylor a ring as they are very helpful and may be able to give you a more accurate reason for why (if it is the product) this has happened and how to solve it. Good Luck x
  11. louise jane
    P.s - Bobbi Brown do a very good foundation range for all skin types, if you go to one of their counters they will do a test patch on you to get the correct shade and will also give you a tester to try at home first. I ahve been using Bobbi Brown for 14 yrs now - a very good product. Again - Good Luck x
  12. blossom
    I used to get boil like spots a lot. Was tested and told I was intolerant to wheat and dairy and don't get them any more since laying off these. It's like your skin is telling you something.

    Sorry if I'm barking up the wrong tree, just a thought. x
  13. Gizmogeek
    Thanks, will give this a try aswell. I think a lot of it is to do with coming off the pill and i have made the mistake in the past of feeling my skin was dirty so scrubbing it all the time till i realised it was making it worse. I'll stick with my eve taylor just now till it runs out cause i do have faith that it is a very good product maybe just not suited to me personally though but will stick with it till it finishes. In the meantime will try changing my foundation thanks for all your recommendatons! Will definately look into the dairy thing aswell will try and get a test done to see if i'm intolerant to anything. Don't want to go to these weddings in the summer with horrible spotty skin! Thanks to all of you for your help xxx
  14. bexi
    I would like to second mineral makeup - as you all know im a great fan of lily lolo - the only thing i'd say is stick with it it WILL clear your skin but wont give you the same mental covering as a liquid - by this i mean how you feel better by applying loads of liquid makes you feel like nothing can burst through the thickness (dont know if anyone else has this feeling or just me?!)

    I find as soon as i revert back to my old liquid the spots reappear bigger and badder!

    HTH xxx

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