Male waxing and erections?

Discussion in 'Skin' started by aj1, Nov 8, 2006.

  1. aj1
    I had a male client today, and I waxed the top part of his bikini, which means I didn't see anything. I told him I was going to give him the afterwax, and that he should put it on down there so he could make sure he got all the wax off. I turned around to get the afterwax, and when I came back, he was sitting up casually with his penis exposed and erected. My question is, did he need to expose his entire penis up like that, when the ONLY part I waxed was the top part of his bikini. He could have put the afterwax without whipping it out, I don't see why he had to bring it all out when I didn't even have to bring it out to wax. Does this sound somewhat uncomfortable?, because that is how it felt.
  2. NtricateDesigns
    I'm not a man, but maybe he was uncomfortable if he was kinda smushing it in his underpants while it was erect and he let it out for his personal comfort.

    There are certian things I know they have a hard time with and one of them is making it lay down when IT wants to stand up.

    My question would be, did he act weird or freaky? or is it that maybe ripping his hair out during the waxing caused it to stand at attention.

    It sounds to me like it bothered you because you simply did NOT wanna see it. And it didn't bother him that you did because he assumes as a professional you wouldn't care.
  3. *Garfield*
    I always leave the room to let clients (male or female) clean themselves up....thus avoiding any uncomfortable moments!:green:
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  4. jo-anne
    omg i`d of nearly died of embarrasment but i would of had to say something to him as you said he was sat up casually with his penis exposed it seems that he wanted some kind of reaction from you. the cheeky begger!!:mad:
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  5. gillian w
    If you do him again hand him surgical spirit that should do the trick.Seriously i think this is something we need to be aware of especially as its becoming more popular to wax that area there are going to be men having it to get a thrill it's a lot cheaper than going to miss whiplash down the road..Trust your instincts and if you feel someones dodgy don't do them you are not there to give them a cheap thrill and you will feel horrible after if you think thats what you've done.Men arn't stupid i believe he knew exactly what he was doing no man shows you their erection unless they want to.Get some views from other males i think they will say the same.
  6. becki x
    I am not a beauty thereapist,however,surely that is indecent exposure !?!?
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  7. linzwee
    Was he still cleaning the wax off with it out? it might have been more confortable for him to sit like that. did you go out of the room? did you knock the door when you went back in? It would depend on all that as to if i felt uncomfortable or not.. Cant really comment as I wasnt there (thank god by the sounds of it) but go with your gut feeling.

    i'm supprise the waxing experience was pleasurable for him!
  8. Teri
    I do agree with Gillian on this one, I reckon he knew what he was doing too. I would of been mortified and felt very uncomfortable.

    Make sure that you have some ideas (like suggested - leaving the room) incase he comes back again.

    Teri x
  9. nailzoo
    Well i'm a bloke and i'm bloody sure I wouldn't go flashing my willy (particularly when he's "Mr Happy").
    In your chosen profession, you are gonna run into some "odd" people, men & women included. You will learn to "sense" the odd ones. Don't just think it's men that "get off" on things like this. But please don't think they are all odd, there are quite a few guys out there that appreciate your services. Quite often during a massage a guy will get an involuntary erection, a true professional will ignore it, but it takes some practice to ignore the obvious.
    As a man myself, i know sometimes Mr Happy isn't as obedient as i'd like him to be.
    Yes, i am making light of this (to a certain degree), although I also understand you being uncomfortable. My advice is not to do things you feel uncomfortable about, perhaps next time give him a little sample tube/tub of product he can use at home afterwards. You can get little tubs like a takeaway restaurant uses for male clients to apply themselves.

    And "NO" I don't really call him "Mr Happy".:)
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  10. louiser
    You just did!

    I wouldn't have know what to do. I suppose its abit like when doing a spray tan, people in the buff almost expect us to be professional and not even notice it! He probably thought it was the sort of thing you saw every day!
  11. rachp
    dirty git id have hit it with a spatula! :smack:
  12. MINKUS
    mr happy !! lmfao

    I think its such a sensitive issue this 'male waxing' i couldnt do it and hats off to you that do.

    Im sure you got the 'vibe' weather he was doing it on purpose and enjoying it or if he was slightly shy and embarressed?

    Amb xxxx
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  13. Marlise

    This did make me laugh !!

    Think I might use this on my partner next time he doesn't get the hint that I have a "headache".:wink2:

  14. aj1
    When I was waxing him, I said ok we're done here, I usually put the after wax lotion on myself, he's a regular. I don't know why I didn't this time, when he looks under his pants to see if he likes the job, I back away. I am at no time seeing his pee pee whatsoever, if this was a brazilian and he was erect, so be it, no problem. The point is that I only waxed the top part of the bikini, he didn't need to do that, or maybe he did because of his erect penis. This is how it happened, when he was looking under his pants, I went around the bed so that I couldn't see under there as well. I walked around to the other side of the bed to get the afterwax off the shelf. I no sooner turn around to give him the stuff and he is on his elbows, one leg out to the side and voila!
    Then, I think I about died from the shock because this isn't his nature or so I thought. I said put this on and walked out of the room. The penis thing is the big deal because the fact is that I didn't need to see that!

    Oh,,,,and after walking out of the room and into the other one to wash my hands. I came back to finish up final tweezing on the back and chest and he said I'm sorry about that, you didn't need to see that. I then said yea you're right I didn't, but this is my job and I am a professional and men get erections from waxing all the time. I then said I think you're more embarrassed by this than I am, it' s no big deal and let it go.
  15. nailzoo
    Seeing as though he is a regular and he apologised, you also said "let it go", why don't you just do that? Initially the post sounded quite daunting, but now you explained in full (which you really should have in first place, instead of making us think you were dealing with a sicko), there really doesn't seem to be a problem, more than likely you won't see him again, as obviously he was quite embarrassed. As a "therapist" you will have to deal with many problems, unwanted erections will be just one of them, as time passes many of your "harrowing experiences" will become day to day happenings not even worthy of a mention.

    Just think in advance of a few; smelly feet, skanky fingers, pimply bums, pus zits, cystic acne, bad breathe, unwashed bodies, fungus, thrush, festered ingrown hairs, bleeding bits & bobs, hairy nipples, rancid armpits, hairy nostrils, cabbages growing in ears, fuzzy bums, huge labia, stubborn pubic hairs, smelly bums, hairy scrotums, corns, callouses, varicose veins, arthritic joints, mono brows, ingrown toenails, toe jam etc etc.

    It's all part of the job really, thats why they come to see you as their "Therapist/Beautician", they need your help.

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  16. 1999judy
    Just think in advance of a few; smelly feet, skanky fingers, pimply bums, pus zits, cystic acne, bad breathe, unwashed bodies, fungus, thrush, festered ingrown hairs, bleeding bits & bobs, hairy nipples, rancid armpits, hairy nostrils, fuzzy bums, huge labia, stubborn pubic hairs, smelly bums, hairy scrotums, corns, callouses, varicose veins, arthritic joints, mono brows, ingrown toenails, toe jam etc etc.

    Thanks or that Carl :eek:
    I'll now eat my lunch.:lol:
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  17. 1999judy
    But if you do brazilians and see them why is this so shocking? He did apologise after all.
  18. Good Skin Day
    I think I get what she means by in if she's seeing them in the 'line of duty' (i.e it's necessary to whip it out to get the job done) then fair enough, but there was no need for her to be seeing his joystick as she was only tidying up his bikini line....

    That's how I see it anyway, pretty sure that's what she means too....? :green:

    Anyway, he put it away and apologised, so no real harm done!
  19. BABSann
    I personally think if you make the decision to do male bikini waxing then you have to suffer the consequences as we do when we do female waxing.

    It's a fact of life that we are going to see things in our profession that we dont necessarily want to see.

    I dont do male bikini waxing because I dont feel happy doing it.I do Hollywoods and Brazillians on women because I am happy to do it.

    I would say to you that if you decide to continue doing mens bikini waxing once you have finished and given him the after wax, that you leave the room.If you dont then you are bound to see bit and bobs that you may not wish to see.

    When I think about all the things I see when doing womens full waxing then it's no surprise you are going to see a mans bits and bobs every now and then,it's inevitable.

    If you dont want to leave the room,avert your eyes,but above all act professionally because it's not fair on the poor guy.
  20. Clairet
    I think that as he's a regular, and this seems to be an isolated incident, leave it be. He apologised, so, if it were me, I'd just let it go.

    However, if it happens again, then maybe you need to re-think the situation.

    Whatever job we do, we shouldn't be made to feel uncomfortable or un-nerved.

    I'm sure he'll keep "Mr Happy" out of sight next time!!!:lol: Love it Carl!!!!!!:green:

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