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Discussion in 'Nail' started by man, Jul 5, 2010.

  1. man
    I am a man (straight, not gay or a crossdresser), I love looking after myself (including my nails) this would include shaping them and on occasions add a bit of colour. I have been considering having false nails applied for awhile now and wanted to know what are your views were on this matter. I would appreciate comments for and against this.
  2. MissOwen
  3. VHunter
    I think that you should do what makes YOU happy,
    Other people's opinions don't enter into it. As long as you are prepared for some reactions from the narrow-minded sort, and can stand proud against them, I say WHY NOT?

    This is a new generation................... enjoy the freedom it offers :D
  4. mizzy_dizzy
    My take if you walked into my salon? You want it and your a paying client then fine :) I'd of corse advise you on shape and lenth ,

    But first of all I would ask you why you wanted enhancements??
    And what it was you wear hoping to get from them ?
    And what you DIDNT want to get,

    I would ask these questions of any new client not just a man , as some clients don't understand what is on offer , there maybe be something that will fit there needs better,

    So what would you say? :)
  5. jodie_glo
    I would say just go for it! if you were nearer i'd take you on as a client! i dont fancy the commute from Essex to Wrexham though lol.

    Jodie xx
  6. BlushBeauty1
    i have done mens nails before and it didnt bother me, one guy use to get 2 nails done because he played the guitar and used them instead of a plectrum lol. Is there any male only salons near you that you would be more comfortable going to? x
  7. lauren1989
    hi i have a few male clients

    one who comes in for a manicure every two weeks just so they look neat

    another who has nail varnish

    and a busines man who is concious when he shakes hands so he has nail extensions, he keeps them natural and short

    none of this bothers me and all the ladies in our salon think its great!

    also jessica do a great mens manicure range
    the basecoat is matt aswell.
  8. Ruth Mills
    There are a few geeks in the North Wales/Cheshire area on here who do nail enhancements - I hope you find a tech who is happy to take you on as a client soon :)
  9. claireamy
    If you want to travel 30-40 mins i'm in Crewe, Cheshire.
  10. Zo Zo
    My only advice would be to go to a tech who sculpts because some of your nails *may* be too wide for tips.
  11. steve@nouvatan
    I actually would like my nails/ hands to look better as they are terrible i dont bite them but years of hard manual labour and boxing have taken there toll,
    I never noticed them until i got into the beauty bizz (accidently) and i do feel a little rough around the edges on appearance especially my hands i actually only have 9 intact fingers and one finger looks like i had my big toe sewn on the end !! i was going to post my filthy squashed sausauge fingers on here for a laugh lol
    I had all my teeth done last year :D:D:Look_left me now lol
    as i am now surrounded by the beautiful people,
    I think as things go forward men will want enhancements, In the 80s i was a punk and my dad thought i was a "bloody puff"for having a bleached flat top hairdo
    My advice is just do it... if my hands were in better condition and i could carry it off i would
    I am very hetrosexuall :twisted: and i am constantly spray tanned no one even gives me a second glance
  12. jodie_glo

    Times have changed! I know loads of blokes who have spray tans and/or use sunbeds!! And men in general are looking after themselves and there looks just as much as women. I think it won't be long before men have the nails "done" just as much as women - there's nothing wrong in my eyes with a man looking after himself. I wouldn't be dazed if my boyfriend had a spray tan and a manicure as long as he didn't look prettier than me lol

    jodie x
  13. katiebbaby
    I have a male client whom has natural enhancments,,I did not bat an eyelid when he contacted me. Treat him same as my female clients:D
  14. collin
    I had the good fortune to meet up with my two boy's only a few weeks ago and took them and their friends out for a meal and a few beers
    The age groups were between 16(they had no beer LOL) and 21 and a mixed group of males and females.
    All in the group were strait individuals and some were boyfriend/girlfriend.

    Ok so whils they slightly lean to Mosher(hope that's spelled correctly) and rockers most of the lads had make up not talking black rock stuff here im talking one lad had bright pink painted toe nails and so on.
    I asked his girlfriend what she thought of this and her answer was.."its quiet normal in our circle of friends"

    Attitudes have changed considerably since I was a wee lad and there are some larger youngsters group sets where the sex differentiate between a female being completely feminine in appearance and a male being completely masculine in appearances seems to be blending together somewhat and we now see a kind of male/female character coming together.

    Whilst not across the whole spectrum of younger group types it does seem to be an ever growing group of youngsters that opt for this less im a male and your a female gender appearance.

    I suffer(age thing im afraid) from my eyebrows growing really long and was walking through a shopping centre and came across one of those work stations where threading was being carried out to passers by.
    I thought go on have it done but found myself walking past...Britta asked me why didn't I sit down and get it done.

    My answer was that whilst I would have loved to have had it done I felt awkward sitting down in a female environment and in front of the general public having what is perceived as a female treatment undertaken.

    Now that's odd cos I get me ass waxed now and again(sorry if to much info there but what the heck were all professionals) so it isn't the treatment itself its the environment that seemingly puts us males off having treatments .

    Now I would happily sit on one of those chairs at an airport in front of thousands of passersby and get me shoes shined whilst reading a paper ..I guess this is ok cos its a male kind of thing(treatment so to speak)

    Going back to my observations of my youngsters and there group of friends and attitudes to beautification as well as mine as a stereotypical older male...why someone doesn't open up a chain of "neutral" branded salons where males would feel more comfortable walking into completely eludes me.

    Treatments such as hair cut,toning massages,waxing,make up,nail treatments,spray tan,tattoo,shoe shine (lol) could be offered

    As for the posted question...go for it if that's what you want:hug:
  15. master30
    Collin all that for the last sentence........was very funny though enjoyed the read lol.
  16. collin

    LOL well youve gotta build an answer up havent you :eek::eek::lol:
  17. steve
    Mate im the guy in the post that was linked to in the earlier thread, if your going to do it then kkep them short and go for a masculine colour as i have found out thats more accepted. When i first had them done i went for UV extensions and had them long and pink but i have had them done a few times since and come to find that bio gel is better it's stronger than UV and lets ur nails breathe unlike acrilic. yes you we get lots of attention from womes but dont let this go to you head as probably 80% of them think its weird 15% think damn he got better nails than me and 5% maybe find it attractive on a man.

    Also you have to consider what you work as im a business consultant so i cant really be attending meetings and doing presentations with a clolur on my nails.

    If you work in a tanning salon then im sure it will be fine and more accepted as for all my mate they took the pi$$ at first now they just accept it i was watching the boxing last night with everyone wearing the nails like in the pics below.

    ImageBam - Fast, Free Image Hosting and Photo Sharing

    Give it a few more years and it will be more socially accepted i hope anyway.

  18. Tiffany.
    Completely agree here :)

    Collin, I also agree with your post! Quite enjoyed reading it too. I have circle of friends,both female & male, both sex wear the odd eye make up and have their nails done. In my opinion it's not to be frowned upon, I mean why not?

    Were entering a COMPLETELY new generation and think men looking after themselves and making an effort is good. :lol:

  19. VHunter
    Nails don't have lungs and don't breathe.
    Bio gel IS a UV Gel, and not 'better', and nor does it let nails breathe any more so than any other product.
    Bio gel is not stronger than UV. Brands do differ, but so do their strengths (flexibility vs hardness, both are strong but in different ways)
    Bio gel/Uv Gel/Acrylic are all "acrylics" as they contain acrylates.

    Sorry Steve, but you've been mislead with that information.

    Base your choice upon the skills of the technician and what he/she advises you to do. Research.

    While I do both uv gel and acrylic, I would probably chose acrylic (aka "L&P" as it's called on these forums) because you could get a custom blended manicure to match your skin tones more effectively than with gel.
  20. geeg
    Sorry Steve, but as victoria says, someone is selling you a CROCK. :lol:

    The info you have been given is completely incorrect and typical of a technician who wants to tell you a crock so she can try and lock you into her services.

    Nails do not breathe and as Bio gel being stronger than L&P or UV Buff off gels; that is just not true. But it may be strong enough for you and that is fine.

    Shame that professionals (?) spread this rubbish and try to bamboozle people with incorrect information.

    Personally I think that new world or not, it looks weird for a man to have long pink nails!! Expect comments lol

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