Methods of sterilisation?

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Bebeautiful, Jul 17, 2008.

  1. Bebeautiful
    I am interested to find out from mobile and salon beauty technicians what type of sterilisation you use. So my question is do you use andy of the folling?

    • Autoclave
    • UV cabinet
    • Barbicide
    • Glass bead steriliser
  2. sian1979
    LOL......i dont use any of the above.

    In my training we were told that it is unnecessary to sterilise tools etc in the nail industry as they become unsterile so quickly. There are quite a few threads on this topic...i will see if i can dig them out for you...unless someone else beats me to it.

    I fully sanitise and disinfect all my tools, myself and clients and work surfaces using Mundo products.
  3. oey

    I am the same as Sian
  4. Bagpuss
    To clean and sanitise is enough in most cases.
  5. Christine81
    Same here, but with Tammy Taylors "Sanitize Sanitize Sanitize" and a Norwegian product called "Antibac" (hospital level surface and implement disinfect) from the pharmacy. And lately I've switched to the "disposable peel'n'stick"-files&buffers (TT), love it!
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  6. The Geek
    Staff Member
    The only true steriliser in this list is the autoclave. The others are more disinfectant level.

    Bead sterilisation is not actual sterilisation (hence why doctors or dentists don't use it as a viable form of pathogen control).
    UV cabinets are primarily used to prevent pathogenic growth (not destroy it).

    For nail treatments, sanitising and disinfecting are sufficient enough. Other treatments that are invasive (i.e. some beauty treatments) do require single use tools or sterilisers such as an autoclave.

    Hope this helps!

  7. katnailswork
    I also use Pro septic deep cleansing nail & hands sanitizer for me and clients when am working!
  8. JANEY K
    i also use hand sanitisers and foot sanitisers instead of the dreaded and awfully harsh surgical spirit.
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  9. mum
    The times when sterilization is essential (insurance and H&S requirements) is when a non-disposable tool (i.e metal tools) has been in contact with body fluids which includes blood and the clear fluid that 'seeps' from buffed skin in the cuticle area!

    A UV cabinet is not a sterilizer! All it does is maintain a sterile atmosphere for sterile tools. A glass bead sterilizer has been discounted for some time as the beads need to be in contact with every part of every surface. This is impossible for a tool like nippers.

    Every technician should have the facility to sterilize when necessary. This could actually be a saucepan and hob! (min 10 mins boiling BTW)
  10. JANEY K
    another way i use to sterilise to make sure everything is really clean and de-contaminated is an old pressure pot(pressure cooker) i lower them all in after being in the fluid and boil them for 20 mins.
  11. LMB
    Funny this post is on here today, as I dropped some cuticle nippers and they landed IN my big toe! ouch, yes it bloody hurt and didnt stop bleeding, now it is bruised and cut and loooks awful! anyway, luckily i had just got them out of barbicide, so they were clean, but imagine they didn have bodily fluids of whatever kind on them!! not that they ever should anyway, but you cant be too careful these days, so 1) always sterilise and 2) dont wear flip flops in the salon! xxx i always learn the hard way! xxx
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