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Discussion in 'Skin' started by Mouffloncake, Nov 11, 2017.

  1. Mouffloncake
    Looking to switch mineral make up suppliers from Dermapure (Youngblood). Could I have your recommendations please?

    I recently received my Dermapure (Youngblood) order and was stunned to discover that not only had I been sent two 0.5g samples, instead of 2 full size 10g products but I had been charged VAT (ok) and P&P of £8 bringing the total for my 1g of product that was incorrectly sent to £11.57

    When I called Dermapure - the Youngblood distributors- to point out what had happened, they offered to send out the two full size products I required but advised they will charge another £8 in P&P.

    So that would be £16 in P&P even though an error was made on the initial order.

    I don’t do a great deal of make up but I like to be able to offer it and recommend a good quality, clean brand when I’m asked.

    So, I’d like your recommendations please. Taking into account not only product quality but also good customer service, delivery time, minimum order and p&p pricing.

    I understand that postage prices are high with Royal Mail and orders over a certain amount are postage free but I feel a charge of £8 to two samples is steep.
    I also understand that Dermapure took the decision to increase their prices due to the Brexit situation but I feel I need to explore other suppliers.
  2. Effi Briest
    That’s a shame as Youngblood is a great brand. Have a look at Jane Iredale and Mii
  3. Mouffloncake
    Thank you. I’ll look into JI.
    I agree, I love Youngblood and have used them for years.
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  4. squidgernetball
    JI are fab. Very quick postage and excellent training x
  5. Chloe Samain
    Jane iredale is the best mineral makeup I’ve ever used and offered to clients
  6. Haircutz
    Staff Member
    I wouldn't accept that. I'd tell the person at Dermapure that as they're in breach of contract for sending you the wrong item, they will have to cover the postage costs too.

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