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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Vaughny29, Jul 26, 2010.

  1. Vaughny29
    I hope some of you lovely ladies (and men!!) might be able to help me, I am in the process of setting up my website as a mobile tech, one of the services I offer is Minx and was just wondering how other mobile minxers let customers know about the designs available without having the luxury of always meeting them face to face beforehand and showing them a brochure. I have a few minx photos of celebs, and campaign images but was wondering about maybe linking to a site with all the designs available for them to view. What are your thoughts and experiences?

    Please help

    Yvonne xxx
  2. Ruthlm
    if you were to phone sweet squared, I am sure they would send you information, with small photo's of all the designs, along side all the other products they can provide, there is a wide range hth x
  3. Ruth Mills
    Yes, definitely phone Sweet Squared, they are always happy to help.

    Someone I know created a slideshow on her website with every single available Minx design on, so their clients could see the designs, Hollywood or Buffed Beauty Salon - Sarisbury Green, Southampton, Hampshire - Minx
  4. Vaughny29
    Thanks for that, but I emailed Sweet Squared and they advised that they couldn't provide all the minx images, I imagine there are just too many xxx
  5. Vaughny29
    Ruth, that is EXACTLY what I was hoping to do!!! Have you any ideas where all the images came from??
  6. Ruth Mills
  7. Ruth Mills
    She did say that it took *ages* to upload all the individual Minx images too!
  8. Vaughny29
    Thank you so much, I'll look into it, but just for the record, you have made my night, thank you xxx
  9. TweezerHappy
  10. *sarah*
    If you cant get all the images you could post a link to sweetsquared, I always ask my minx customers to have a look on there then let me know what they fancy xx

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