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Discussion in 'Nail' started by Leggibone, Aug 12, 2017 at 12:34 PM.

  1. Leggibone
    Hi, I am new to this forum,
    But I am in the process of starting up my own mobile business, I have swatched and photographed my gel colours for my Facebook page,
    But how do you approach getting people to chose colours and which colours to take to an appointment? My gels take up a small box and my regular polishes a larger box (I'm going to be offering luxury manicures and gel manicures), I don't really want t o have to take alll of it to each appointment , but if they change their mind last minute and I don't have a suitable colour with me (that I own) I'll be really annoyed with myself,
    I've already decided that I'm willling to get more colours if a client would Iike something I don't own, but it has other potential uses.
    How do other mobile tech approach colours?
  2. Bexnorm
    When booking a client they tend to say what they want, I.e gel polish or regular polish as would affect the cost. I take all my gel polishes with me along with the swatches just in case they do change their mind. If they want something I don't have, but it can be mixed. E.g grey, I'd just mix my black and white to a shade they're happy with. I also confirm what they're asking for 24 hours beforehand. I.e if they want a standard gel polish application, or if they want a luxury manicure, as I wouldn't normally take my whole manicure kit unless they'd specifically asked for it. You'll find your own way though. After a few times doing friends and family you'll kind of figure out how you want your set up, what you need and what you don't need etc x
  3. ciderella71
    I find clients often change their mind so I'd recommend you take all your gel polishes to your gel appointments.
    You'll be travelling to each appointment from your last appointment so wouldn't you have all of your kit in your car anyway?
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  4. Anna Ljungberg
    I take all of my gel polishes to a gel polish appointment, as well as a few bits that can easily upgrade the simple gel polish application to something else - such as glitters and other nail art supplies, hand mask and lotion and massage oil for a more luxury manicure on top, that doesn't take a lot more time.
  5. lala85
    Same as above, you need to take all colours really, my clients change their mind on colour right up until I'm about to apply it. Have you seen the roo beauty bags, I love mine and the cube polish holder bag is so handy!!
  6. mandy1985
    I take all of my gel polishes. They are in my Gelish trolley bag so easy to carry :) x
  7. Leggibone
    Okay, so it would be a good idea to invest in a suitable carry solution to take all the colours?
    Do you have many clients who still want regular polish colours (I suppose except ontop of acrylic).
    Obv I want to display a good idea of my available colours on my Facebook page/website anyway so people can have a look anyway?
  8. lala85
    Definitely invest in decent bags for being mobile. You can still display your colours on your Facebook page I take a photo of my colour wheel every now and then and post it up but people usually just decide on the day, unless they have something specific they want. X
  9. ciderella71
    The roo beauty cube is great for polished and there are cheaper alternatives on eBay.
  10. mandy1985
    If mobile full time. I take all of my colours with me (either normal or gel depending on which one they are booked in for). I use the nail harmony mobile trolley set :) fits loads in, easy to put together and saves my back lugging the bags everywhere xx
  11. Leggibone
    Okay awesome, thank you for the suggestions!
    In definitely going to look for some cube bag type things for my polishes, and I love one of the roo beauty bags! So once I have done my course and got my certificate I'm going to reward myself!
    (Booked onto a cnd course for some face to face gel action, so I can get started and finish my essentials nail acrylic course to a good standard at my own pace)
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