Mobile nail technicians cutting an old boys toenails...

Discussion in 'Nail' started by Missy G, Dec 7, 2011.

  1. Missy G
    Im a mobile nail technician and just had an enquiry would I go into a local hospital and cut an old boys toenails....would you do it ? Never been asked this ....
  2. Crystal colleen
    Ahhh yeh I would bless him :biggrin:
 long as your good with feet, they may need some work doing to them so be prepared.......also maybe a good opportunity to gain more
  4. marion
    Also got to watch for little issues such as his medications, especially Warfarin which thins the blood.
    Personally I think I'd leave it to a chiropodist/podiatrist
  5. Crystal colleen
    I kinda don't agree with the above if you are a confident nail tech then go for it.

    When my grandad was in hospital before he died I did his feet all the time and because I was confident with what I was doing I did it.

    It's personal preference.I would say.

    If somebody came to you wanting there nails trimmed and filed and they were on medication ie maybe aspirin that thins the blood or another medication would you turn them away or do them carefully and confidently.x
  6. Angelaznailz
    I get a lot of older clients just wanting toenails cut.
    If you are not too confident with clippers, you could always just file them down.
    This works for me if the toenails are too 'tough' or curvy.
  7. lulu83x
    I've worked in a nursing home for getting on 2 yrs, We have a chiropodist come in and do all the residents - apparantly due to medical reasons etc, diabeteic people are apparantly a no no when dealing with the elderlys nails.
    However This old boy bless him may be completely fine to clip away at :lol: but maybe just ask nessersary questions 1st :) xx
  8. lindseym631
    If the client has diabetes the hospital staff should make sure your fully aware of the precautions that must be taken.

    Some people with diabetes don't fully understand how much they have to care for thier feet until they are made ill and threatened with amputation of a limb because they nicked themselves with the clippers.

    If there are no contraindications, the elderly can be very rewarding to work with :) hope it goes well.


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  9. xsammi82x
    I'd defo do it! The NHS used to pay for pensioners to have their nails cut as they are unable to get down there themselves, they have cut the funding for this.

    I live in a town where there are a lot of pensioners. Like other posts have said, you need to be cautious when dealing with certain medical conditions/medication. Do as much research as you can so you are prepared and confident. Good luck poppet xx
  10. s-l-d
    The golden oldies I see can only get appointments with the chirpodist every 15 weeks and some defo need to get a trim between times. No medical issues, just that their feet 'seem further away than they did before'. Bless! I've not had a pair of cringe worthy trotters from this age group either :)

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